Delivery Circle - 18 July

Jason K posted in general: what is a good first step for him to get involved? David to reach out.


Tax report
Further development required, if Mohamed not available then David to pick it up.

Backoffice UI Uplift
JB: have big PR in review, customistion of muli-select dropdown, after that will be updating images.

Process for testing? For this next PR#11163, we will pass over for testing according to Mario’s specs.

Everything in code review/testing.

Datadog replacement: is there an issue or requirements?

Background reports: Konrad to be available to test next week.

DFC no updates expected right now.


@maikel not blocked, to work on DFC and

@filipefurtado happy to jump in on Background reports.
Hard to test #10483 error 500s.
Q: Can it be simulated with browser network throttling? A: no.

To ensure testing with a “blank slate” of memory allocation, restart Puma and Sidekiq.

Decision: we need to have monitoring in order to know if the background reports solved the problem (or created new ones). So this is blocked by having a Datadog replacement to monitor RAM usage.

@matt not blocked

@jibees Working BUU and on report papercuts.

@Gaetan prioritising setting up of New Relic

@dcook nothing to add.

Invoices: Konrad has created some new issues. Rachel will dive in to check out the PRs.