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N8N was set up as a beta test server and is now a critical production server. What do we need to do to ensure that N8N is a reliable piece of infrastructure? Lynne to talk to Olivier to see if he has experience in production N8N servers. Then set up a call with @div-yansh-1, @RaggedStaff if available, and a dev who understands our existing infra.

To the Board…

Good progress on #10721 and #10703
Feedback needed on #10700 white label as impossible to assign the feature toggle to a single user for this feature. Do we need to start with a super-admin only access?
Note this is behind split-checkout so make sure it is fully enabled. Actually now we’re all unsure. JB is checking.
@jibees to pick up colours as a second task around whitelabelling.

Vouchers is moving along. New issues are being awaited to continue to the next steps - extend vouchers functionality to include % and values beyond the $10 flat fee. @lin_d_hop to create issues.

Invoices call was very fruitful, lots of tasks as a result
Customers list - only show customers with a created order or customers created manually, not customers that were created during the checkout flow but never ordered. Is there are flag or state? Does it make sense to include this in the order states flow as it will interact to a degree?

@dcook on AL
Feedback needed on Enterprise w Tax report @lin_d_hop

Stripe call was also very fruitful. New card on Stripe with new authentication that triggers a 404 error. Do we need to prepare for this?
Puffing-billy gem has a great name, helps with FE testing of Stripe. Now can be included in the stack.
Great chat on analytics with @Rachel.

An ask from @Rachel to make sure any tech-debt issues are clarified as to priority. Otherwise they won’t be picked up or moved along.

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I confirm that white_label feature is not related to split_checkout feature: on both legacy and split_checkout checkout pages, if white label is activated then we don’t display the OFN navigation (it’s even automatically tested ;))

So I will close: White Label: Make it possible to activate white label feature for one actor by jibees · Pull Request #10700 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub and open an issue (and associated PR) to show this (white label) panel (in admin section) only for super-admin user + next, wait for @Kirsten to test in Australia and open an issue later on to remove the feature white_label