Delivery Circle - 15th August 2023

Staging process

What’s the best approach? Not very clear how to test a release. Need to be able to explain the process clearly, but these steps still need to reach consensus.
If something changes, it can also be included in the release issue as guideline.
It’s mostly same as before, what’s changed is the release commit step. Need to change release template.

Optimising deployment
Deployment today didn’t go that well, errors raised, there was a migration in progress.
Stopped deploying for a while, then restarted. David thinking about ways on how to speed it up
Germany instance got full, we could try to automate cleanup, gems don’t get cleaned up automatically.
We want to find quick wins to improve deployment process, reduce/avoid downtime. Also find a safer time for deployment.
@Matt-Yorkley to do a spike to define the problems, potentially then regroup with other devs interested in dev ops and define next steps.

Backoffice Uplift
@jibees - BUU small issues, pagination tweaks, go to full product editing, 2 PRs for UI uplift.
@Mario - No updates, will get back to UI uplift in a week or two. Quite a lot ready for dev.
@dcook - No updates on Backoffice uplift.

Product refactor
@Matt-Yorkley merged some stuff last week, last PR merged this morning. Always working on one or two branches ahead.
When product refactor is out, are we going to test reports? We are mostly relying on automated testing, but there could be some manual testing too.
There is a spreadsheet with all the data used in reports, @lin_d_hop to find. @Matt-Yorkley will think about how to deal with testing in next PR.

Datadog replacement
@Gaetan set up New relic, running in prod in AU, so we can have a look at how it works.
Once we use all the available data, we would have to pay. @Matt-Yorkley to have a look if it’s a good replacement for Datadog. Will also wait for @mikel for thumbs up.

Last tickets treated as bugs
Last major PR was merged last week. We can start to roll it out, get users to test.
Might need ability to delete/deactivate voucher, but will get worked on in 2 weeks once @Gaetan comes back.

Background report
Ready to be activated for production. Waiting for monitoring to be in.

Tax reports, passed all tests written by Filipe. Konrad reported a 500 error, can’t replicate the issue, probably not related to the data, maybe some filtering parameters. @konrad to look at it again to see if it can be reproduced.
11120 - there’s a problem in the query, not sure how to fix it. Maybe will try to change how the data is filtered. Will share error and the 2 sql queries with the team. @Matt-Yorkley to have a look too.
A few more issues and bug fixes in ready for dev. Will pick some more invoice issues soon.

Did quite a bit of testing last week, continuing this week.