Delivery Circle - 13 June 2023


Services we are paying for

  • Datadog: server monitoring - records with a history. You can go back to a spike 2 weeks ago and see what was happening
    • it’s good but it’s really expensive
    • you only use it when you have a really curly problem - how many people actually know how to / use it
    • Decision: give notice today. We have 14 days to look at other options, @matt
  • Github for deployments:
    • we have lots of problems with Semaphore, and Semaphore as we use it is stopping service on 30/9/23, so we need to change
    • Github for Deployments could be an option. @filippe thinks maybe we have done this before at some point.
    • Is realistic that we get this done before Sept
    • Decision: @filippe to take the lead, pairing with @matt as needed (as he set up semaphore setup originally and knows inside out)
  • Matomo: cannot track the three stages of the checkout and we really need to
    • Matt has some insights into how we can resolve this (is page design rather than matomo). Matomo script just needs a tweak so that it recognises those page transitions. Was waiting on a pr to be merged, which has now happened so can be done
    • We are NOT talking about any split checkout refactor!!


@Mario - Design

  • posted updates on product-modals on #funded-features, comments from @lin_d_hop, others welcome
  • Mario next task is develop up the design for showing variants in the table
  • There are a couple of other design things emerging: potential UX to use DFC Connector to share products between OFN instances (and external?) and some producer product creation / management experiences


  • BUU: new process for @dcook @jibees to work on same branch
  • white labelling est. another half day - all the bits are in code review. Other two issues
  • order list - have pinged Matt with questions about stimulus/reflex
  • S2 (#10990) - @Matt-Yorkley having a quick look to see if diagnosis then back to @jibees


  • look at #10990
  • alt to datadog
  • support @filipefurtado with Matomo change (as above)
  • code reviews on removal of master variant, needs to check and go again. @Matt-Yorkley please put hours on this against project #9105 REST API - Products


  • BLOCKED on #10857, #10865, which are blocked on #10636 (which is in Test Ready)
  • We also need to fill the papercuts column by Friday


  • @konrad looking at the new invoices, some things look great and also some issues
  • @filipefurtado in addition to above, also working on testing removal of feature toggle for split checkout; also talking to @abdellani re. specs for tax reports etc. Didn’t get to Stripe testing, coming up


  • Tax report by producer, currently being checked by @dcook
  • Tax report by order also done, can be moved to code review
  • Invoices going into test - not funded feature so we need to keep it tight in QA
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