Delivery Circle - 11th July

General updates
monitor feature roll out?

  • the idea was to track through some automated DB for the % of features that enabled with feature toggles
  • could be this something for metabase? not a priority, closing the issue for now


  • nothing blocking, no problems on my side
  • download links: we still need to test if we get the errors, and running all these reports, it would take 2 hours to check. testing with a lot of data in staging UK, might be slightly different in prod


  • good discussion on how enterprise reports should look like, added a summary comment in the issue. we might need a few changes spec wise - 10304
  • @abdellani: code is already managing more than the specs, would be 1 to 2 hours for the updates. 4 hours for the specs updates


  • Prepared a pull request for new product list page - with new colors. Ready to be reviewed
  • some papercuts and s3 code review or test ready. improved customer report that was almost a papercut
  • saw a lot of issues with safari. I can’t test with my computer, ipad is coming and maybe I can test > @filipefurtado to create an epic for Safari


  • lots of code review
  • small PR for bug on buttons
  • picked up a paper cut today, progressing with it
  • next could be Datadog replacement, pairing with @Matt-Yorkley


  • datadog: sentry not fit for purpose, next planned step is to try new relic, price is now quite reasonable > will put together an issue for it, maybe for Gaetan to pick up and pair
  • product model refactoring: 3 small PRs merged, one large one in test ready. updated the main issue with some bullet points


  • last big update for tax report, now on invoices. focus exclusively on invoices, then back on tax report
  • don’t think there’s going to be blockers for now


  • got search in product list ready for dev
  • survey for product list mobile optimisation will go out to instance managers


  • Last week I worked on some small updates for BUU, and this week will begin working on implementing editing of products.
  • Have done some code review and will do more!
  • Also did some work following up on safari bugs, trying to find out about reports of customer-facing issues (no hard details found so far…)
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