Delivery Circle - 11th April

Discussion topics

i) Upgrade Ubuntu version on Production servers

@dcook @maikel
Some thoughts/limitations: servers are a bit unique on different versions of postgresql; usually done overnight, for the respective timezones. We have more servers than ever - around 10 servers to maintain. An issue/plan will be created for next meeting.

@abdellani mentions there were issues with Ubuntu 22.04, so might be safer to go for 20.04; @filipefurtado mentions we’ve opted to upgrade Github test-suite runners to 20.04 due to this issue; Both options have LTS versions, so the plan could be to:

  • First step to upgrade staging servers - to v22.04 and re-evaluate compatibility again.

Also, we need to assure that upgrading to 20.04 helps unblocking the issue:

ii) N8N maintenance discussion

Postponed, we ran out of time :mantelpiece_clock:

The pipe


  • Progressed with vouchers, waiting for feedback to move # 10587

Some issues in dev to tackle:

  • Blocked on webpack #10631
  • Started working on the new recommended asset management on Rails (not so easy);
  • Bump node is blocked by upgrading servers
  • Opened PR to set split_checkout feature to be on by default - advice welcome
  • White label is on its way #10586
  • Finished display producers name (added a modal) #10119


  • Analytics some progress - but slow. Debugging Matomo filters/goals in production.
  • Stripe coverage should be improved - getting back to this task. Will pair up with @abdellani on it

Progress on invoices: Implemented algorithm to compare invoices #10532 - after the review more tests need to be added. Should we implement a feature toggle? Brief discussion: it’s great to be able to iterate.

We can add the data migration, and keep the UI changes behind the toggle. To start with one invoice only, created in the background. This approach should work because the reports are generated from the UI.

Easier to have only template… Would need tests update.

Bug fix for customer reports (repeating names)

Enterprise fee w tax report - #10323; over to @dcook

Can we merge this as is - provided we test it on staging, that it does not bring down the server.

@lin_d_hop mentions: we currently don’t have a acceptance criteria on reports performance. Reports were designed a while a go, requirements may have changed, as there are other integration possibilities now in place

Working on #10329
And Tax Report - #10323
Working as JS bundling Webpacker with @jibees
Move on to server upgrading with @maikel
Maybe up for tackling some BUU soon? @Mario and @rachel have updated the respective column in the meantime


  • Worked on backround reports - PR #10644 updated, so display a download link up next
  • Upcoming PR: to send a download link
  • Notification from Maxime - so, DFC work/product import can be
  • Plenty of code review looking ahead

Enable feature toggle by #10658 - the team needs to keep this one in mind :brain: as it unblocks white label and vouchers.