Delivery Circle - 10 january 2023


46 open issues (!)

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Move report generation to background job #10240 by @maikel

Should be easier to contains the memory, … But solution will actually probably more bit complicated than expected. @maikel is currently reflecting over the day. How long do we want people to occupy our server? Do you want catch into 10 minutes? Limit the inputs (in particular the date range)? Limit the records? Limit the database query timeout (10s? 1min?)? Should find the safest solution.

n8n access to all servers

Process currently blocked by #853 (due to firewall configuration on uk?). @maikel will take a look on it.


  • Split checkout re-design is on its way! :fire: Mobile view coming soon.
  • PRs on code review


  • #6848: specs on API should aim for v0; the migration from all reports to v1 should be done at some point in the future. We’ll migrate specs at that time too.
  • Analytics should be documented. :bar_chart:


Two reports are almost ready.

  • #10175: done with the test :wink: Ready for review then.
  • #10247: almost done as well.

Thanks @abdellani for handling this, as a new contributor! :boxing_glove: :muscle:



  • UK staging is more or less down. @filipefurtado will open an issue.
  • Will pick some issues to test.



  • @lin_d_hop is on it! “Ive emailed again and refilled in their board”
  • Maybe request reviews from each others during that time
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