Deilvery Circle 17/01/23


David @dcook

  • Finished the N8N DB connection work :tada:
  • Planning to pick up the webhook work next
  • Also potentially looking at the reports or DFC work but these also need input from @maikel potentially‚Ķ

Maikel @maikel

  • Reports Fork to a separate process which limits the memory and this removes the leak. Same timeout occurs so no change to user experience. Some ideas to update could be that we give a link to the user instead of a timeout to download. If we take this decision then we can make a huge reduction to the timeouts of the main puma workers and this would be wonderful. Plan to test this new implementation and to improve with the new features as tech debt issues. @product will make sure these improvements are on the roadmap.
  • Back on code review with zenhub back
  • DFC Maxime has worked on the connector so this is ready for another dev to work. Needs issues. @lin_d_hop to have a look.

Rachel @Rachel

  • Split checkout is close to being done again :tada:
  • Error on step 1 is hard to reproduce

JB @jibees

  • Split checkout - had trouble fixing an issue on injecting stripe js. @dcook can also look at this.
  • papercut yesterday evening as a sweet cherry on top of the day
  • Onto backoffice uplift next :raised_hands:

Mohammed @abdellani

  • Tax Report by Producer just requiring a few optimisations but nearly ready for test
  • Issue 10135 - delete a shipping method. A long discussion about how the system automatically updates fees. Merge current PR for the delete case. Time needed to work out scenarios for the case.
  • Next up is History of Invoice Changes‚Ķ finally :sweat_smile:

Filipe @filipe

  • Request specs and building on reports work. Plus some documentation if there‚Äôs time.
  • Automated tests on orders page
  • Also some great Matomo work
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