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Food Connect requests

  • Can we associate the “special” shipping instructions to the customer’s log in so they don’t need to type them every time they order? [Not Complete]
  • Can’t delete customers (Can delete if no associated orders)
  • Customer code needs to be unique - sometimes this is really problematic [but seems like a customer mgmt problem, rather than software] - Done (can’t create duplilcate customer codes).
  • Mark’s request… At the moment all we have is space for an email address and customer code. We can’t edit the email address at present. I’d like to have a full customer profile that contained email address, delivery address, contact person, phone numbers, any extra fees applicable to the account. We would need to be able to edit all of this info from the back end. At present if a customer changes address or another person takes over it won’t always show up on the invoice. Often times people don’t know how to change their details. Us having the ability to this would have two benefits: 1. being able to update details when requested by customers thus saving them the trouble, and 2. If all of these customer details could be downloaded as a report it would help ensure that all customer info is correct for both xero, ofn and google sheets. This would cut down on emails between different departments (eg. wholesale and logistics for any address changes). At the moment the WHS Database on google docs is the central reference, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have an external database that needs to be updated separately from OFN.

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