Customers know clearly when their order is made

What is the need / problem

There is a problem with the basket/checkout UX. We had quite a lot of feedbacks in France from hubs who tell us they have regularly issues with customers who tells they made an order, but didn’t receive the order confirmation. Then they go to pick up the products and there is nothing… Hubs are starting to tell us they they loose sales because of that and customers are annoyed and a bit irritated when that happens.
Of course there is no order in back end, so basically they thought they had passed the order, but they didn’t go till the last step. Especially the issue seems to be that when they click on the bottom of the shop, they land to the basket. On the basket they click on order. Some users think when they do that they made the order and don’t fill in the last checkout page and validate it.

Who does it impact

All hubs actually.

What is the current impact of this problem

Hubs loose orders and get irritated customers.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Happy customers and hubs, and no orders are lost.

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Potential solutions that will solve this problem

We discussed 2 options with the concerned hubs:

  • merge the basket and checkout page in one page (single page checkout, basket on the left of the page, checkout on the right).
  • add a progress bar with steps (1-basket / 2-checkout & confirmation)

For info we started some first experiments in France with playing with the words used on shop / basket / checkout buttons. It was the easier thing to do and hopefully will have a first level of result with it, but I guess we’ll need to go further.

I dont like option 1, merge the cart and checkout page. they are both needed.
I like option 2, most ecommerces have that.

option 3, easiest way to improve this is to change the words on the button in the cart page. I see that in French this is done, but not in English.
the translation key is orders_edit_checkout
Not so good in English - “Checkout”
Much better in French - French - “Etape suivante (coordonnées)”

I did that as first iteration @luisramos0 but still it seems that for some customers it’s not obvious :frowning: We have a bit less feedback on it so I’m not voting to prioritize it first but I think there will be work needed to improve it at some point.