Crowd-funding for OFN Instances: Lessons and Strategy

Moving conversation from email to here, inviting participation from @lin_d_hop (insights from your crowd-funding experiences?) and @enricostn re. your planned campaign

[quote] Dear Serenity,

With help of Nick Weir from OFN UK, I’m working to set up an OFN instance for Benelux. I’m also preparing a crowdfunding for this. Nick told me hat you can maybe share your crowdfunding campaign with me? Hope to hear from you, Regards, Iris

Hartelijke groet,
Iris van de Graaf

@serenity responded

[quote] Hi Iris
Here’s the link to our Australian campaign (2015).
We had too many rewards / rewards required a lot of work in delivery so I wouldn’t necessarily copy them! But may give you some ideas.

and some thoughts from me:

  • our campaign was muddied / confused by australian / global project - we were trying to appeal to both, requiring contributors to be either very visionary australians or global people willing to invest in something with immediate on-ground impact actually only a long way away. You should be able to avoid this confusion by focusing on immediate benefits to an organisation your contributors are already invested in - happy to discuss further if useful
  • you are in a position with existing hubs and customers i think, which means you can create much more tangible rewards - like pre-sales / discounts / event participation etc - that we were unable to do
  • this successful campaign from another food hub in Melbourne raising money to upgrade their software may be useful to you - I suspect their pitch and rewards will be quite relevant. NB. For a range of reasons they are no longer taking the Delivery Biz Pro path and we (OFN Aus) are now working with them to upgrade their custom software
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