Creating invoice in Producer accounting system for total products provided to Order Cycle

  • Fred sells products through Mary’s Hub.
  • Fred sells through multiple channels and systems, and his accounting package is his ‘point of truth’ about what has been sold
  • Fred wants his accounting package to know what was sold through an Order Cycle (the ‘Order’ to that order cycle) - this can be done by automatically generating an Invoice to the Hub in his accounting package
  • Fred and Mary want this information to be sent when the Order Cycle closes, as amendments can then be made and tracked on the invoice, and handled in the accounts between the two organisations

In this example / project we are using Quickbooks, so I will use QB terminology.

  • Fred has set up QB Products & Services for his products. We create a product import file using these Names to ensure correct matching
  • OFN variants are derivatives of the product unit. He only needs to know the total against each product (i.e. the sum of the variant total units)

Options for how we do this

1. Order Cycle Supplier Totals Report

  • The Order Cycle Supplier Totals Report is almost exactly what we need. The only thing that is missing is whether / how much tax has been paid.
  • This report also contains the adjusted ‘total units’ against each variant, so should be simple to just add them up to get the product unit total
  • And the ability to access the report from the API so that we can easily get the information / rows into Zapier
  • Tax paid is on the line item so it should be pretty straightforward to just add it up and add it

[QB zapier integration wants prices exclusive of tax with a tax code . . KL to check if this stuffs this up]

Then ‘put it on the API’ so we can just do a call to the API with OC ID and get the information we need

2. Write the Query and run separately

‘Emulate’ the report and API call by running a query to get the data and put it somewhere Zapier can get it (perhaps a csv? google sheet?). This is likely a script that is then only available to us in Aus

Then Zapier can get data from there to create the invoice, rather than getting directly from OFN

3. Some other way in Zapier that I can’t see how to do?

We did this in the Option 2 way. Then we use Zapier to create the invoices in Producer accounting packages. @maikel reckons would be much better to just create this API endpoint so we can all use it than try to do anything more with the script i.e. not worth trying to work out how to share it