Creating Content from Global Gathering Videos

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We have a wealth of exciting content recorded during the Global Gathering but what is the best way to make use of this?


  1. Do we want full session recordings for selected sessions? Or are a series of shorter clips better? (Will users watch a full 2 hour session at the outset or are they more likely to watch 2 hours of content made up of lots of 10 min videos back to back in a playlist?)
  2. Do we want only User facing clips (ie for public use) or are there some recordings which would be handy for internal reference?
  3. What sessions are the priority to edit first? (Editing will take significant time)

Proposed format of edited content

  • Title page at the start of any clip made from branded slide deck presentation slides (slides 2-12 in the following doc )
  • Subtitle page in between different sections (say to introduce a new concept or a question) made from the above slide deck (slides 13-16)
  • Each video has the OFN (global) logo overlayed (png, transparent version) in top right hand corner.
  • Ending page (one of slides 21-25 in the above document)
  • Any text in the video in the OFN Style fonts (ie. titles in Oswald Bold, standard text in open sans regular)
  • OFN colour scheme employed where possible (green #69A95D, grey #555555, Orange (#F27052), Red (#E54E47), Teal (#0096AD), Yellow (#FBB040)

Comment in this document if you would like to edit one of the sessions and what your aim for the content produced is:

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Hi @lbwright22
Thanks for creating this post…

Since we’ll likely all have different priorities we might create a faster, better set of videos with a basic editing guide and collective asset set. I would say this is the priority over everything else.

Can we create asset templates for text cutaways? Or some way that we can keep the brand of the videos cohesive with some basic assets. Another good asset would be a logo png that can overlay all videos.

Thanks @lbwright22 - I am really pleased that this is moving forward. I think these recordings are going to be a great resource.

My preference is for a series of shorter clips for public use

The priorities for me are:

  1. that existing instances can use an edited version of their countries showcase recordings to build the user base in their own country
  2. that collectively these instance recordings and key session like the visioning sessions and the planning sessions for newer and potential instances will be helpful for the fundraising work that is about to start

I like the idea of a template that we all follow so that we can end up with a global summary of the output of the gathering

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@dthomas @Erioldoesdesign @RonellaG @Jen are you able to share this with anyone else interested who would like to help?

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I can definitely share with my open-source design followers on Twitter and my tech for good volunteer following but what I’d need is an ‘approved’ message to put out on my channels and a contact person who can follow up with volunteers.

Basically, I don’t want to word something myself and then have someone from the community see it and want it taken down.

Another option is I highly encourage using the ‘gratis’ selection on the open-source design jobs board if you want pro-bono creative/design help:

There are people that do video editing in the open source design community so I reckon you’ll get submissions to help and I if posted there I can signal boost through the open source design twitter account (I help manage that account)

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I would love to help out on this front. In terms of creating a video template as, I can give that a shot and try to have an edited video to share with you all in the coming week (hopefully) – following the guidelines in the doc @lbwright22 shared :slight_smile: