Community Food Initiatives - tech needs assessment

Here in Ontario, Canada things we call ‘food hubs’ (aggregators) are birucated into larger businesses that are clearly for-profit enterprises, and social enterprises that are ‘other-than-capitalist’ in that they might use sharing or barter arrangements, they might use other than waged labour, they might be motivated by social change versus profit, etc etc. From 2016 - 17, I spoke with a variety of these types of community food initiatives to try to udnerstand their tech needs. Here is a report of my findings. Generally speaking, there was strong alignment between these types of initiatives and the OFN community. Talking Tech with Foodies - ICT Needs - may 1 2017.pdf (823.5 KB)

Great research.
I see a lot of issues that could be solved if we set up a useful ¨Data Food Consortium ¨… (or something alike).
…and be sure that if we clarify the added value that customers will receive, we will obtain resources to materialize it…

For example:
In page 5, In Potential benefits and challenges of ICT
 Organizations focusing on social and ecological goals want to know how new
software tools can help them connect together, proliferate and have greater
social impacts.
Or in page 7:
 Help with ‘joining up’ across the value chain and with consumers
All the discussants identified that ICT can help food innovators to make connections
with each other, with new groups of consumers and with new suppliers. For many of
the respondents there was an empowerment ethic to this idea.

Please if you can not participate this Tuesday, please invite someone from the Canada food community…

But it is very important to get the input of current OFN platforms users ( platforms alike) …

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Sorry @miguelnovik, I can’t participate on Tuesday - really swamped here. And, unfortunately, there is no OFN-CAN community - its just me.