Collective Purchases by foodcoops

Hi all, I had an interesting conversation with @sseerrggii , thks.
here in Valencia we have a coop where we do collective purchases of ecologic and organic products.

Our rudimentary system (still using spreadsheets) work this way.
Each member receives an spreadsheet with all the products and the following columns:
Product name - Product Type - Estimated price per Kg/Liter - Final price per Kg/Liter - Amount to buy - Final eurs to pay

that can be bought and a column of ‘Estimated price’, this is the price without discount from the producer(when enough KGs or EURs are bought of a product, price goes down).

The column Final price per Kg/Liter will get calculate depending on how many KGs or Liters of a product is bought (each producer has different discounts to incentive big purchases and reduce transportation costs)

Is any network of OFN using the tool for collective purchases anyhow? Is there a possiblity that OFN could support this out of the box?

Hi @capiscuas and thanks for the suggestion, I think that is definitely something we are going to discuss when we meet with various OFN people in Australia in December. We have plan to work on buying group features, so this is definitely one of them.
I guess there are various possibilities to deal with that, my first thought is to have the master price which is the basic BtoC price, and then “discounts” that you can apply to an order cycle based on the quantities ordered for this order cycle, or to customers through tag rules (like a member of the buying group who is involved in packing every week might have 50% reduction on his own basket / or more basically to professional buyers you would apply a 30% discount for instance).
For me the base price would appear as crossed out and the new reduced price would appear as a side with the % discount for instance.
There is a “promotion” section which is not user yet in Spree (maybe something to investigate) or else maybe there are some tag rules that could work somehow for that… ? I’ll keep that in mind for our discussion in Aus.

It seems there is a spree extension to handle that :slight_smile:

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