Collaboration Agreement UK

Continuing the discussion from Kicking off international partner/community monthly discussions:


@NickWeir @lin_d_hop As discussed last night can you pls review this draft interim agreement/MOU, track any changes you require and send back to me? We can agree to dissolve this agreement once new governance structure is designed and implemented. Re timing, I think we just need to make sure something is signed before you launch. Does that sound ok?

Hi @serenity

The doc is pretty straightforward, nothing scary or radical to note.

I used LibreOffice, in which track changes doesn’t seem to be compatible with docx, so I’ve just highlighted them in a lovely burnt orange. Only notes were sharing responsibility about actively seeking OFN Global funding contributions and a question about why the MOU is under UK law rather than AU or both.

@NickWeir what are your thoughts?

COLLABORATION AGREEMENT OFN UK V1.1 Lynne’s Thoughts.docx (13.5 KB)

This all looks good.
Couple of minor points as tracked changes
NCOLLABORATION AGREEMENT OFN UK V1.1 Lynne Nick’s Thoughts.docx (26.2 KB)