Collaboration Agreement Interim Altifrem (Scandinavia)

Continuing the discussion from Kicking off international partner/community monthly discussions:

@CynthiaReynolds @MyriamBoure as discussed last night can you pls review this draft interim agreement/MOU, track any changes you require and send back to me? We can agree to dissolve this agreement once new governance structure is designed and implemented. Re timing, I think we just need to make sure something is signed before you launch properly. Before want to have a play around with the CMS in latest version to make sure this allows adequate customisation of look and feel / content for your local site? Relates to agreement re branding etc in local sites.

pardon the delay, I modified (suggest mode) the details, @MyriamBoure any input before we sign?

All fine with me @CynthiaReynolds :slight_smile:

hi @MyriamBoure and @CynthiaReynolds - just tidying up lots of loose ends this week - I’m not sure if you sent us a version with your suggested changes? Apologies if you have and i just can’t find . . could you send one that you are happy with and have signed, and we will counter-sign too :smile: