Clarification about inventory management and order cycles

I read in the user guide “If the ‘coordinator’s inventory only‘ setting is selected, the incoming inventory, and thus outgoing inventory to all distributors, will be restricted to the coordinator’s Inventory products. Their hidden products will not be available in the outgoing sections, nor their new products (if their settings hide new products).”

I have set up an order cycle with 5 shops as “outgoing” distributors, and I want the price in the inventory of the coordinator to apply to all the shops.
I have checked “coordinators inventory only” in the advanced setting, and everything is all right on the inventory of the coordinator.
BUT when I save the order cycle and check on the outgoing shops, the price set up in the inventory of the coordinator doesn’t apply.
Is it normal?
How can I do for the prices/stocks/etc. set up in the inventory of the coordinator to apply to all the shops?
The user has 10 shops, it is not possible for him to make the changes 10 times in the 10 inventories, so would be awesome if the info from the coordinator’s inventory could apply to all outgoing shops!

@sstead any idea on the expected behavior of inventory on this? Is it normal?

I checked if that was due to E2E relationships, so added the right for a hub to add products to inventory (not just the coordinator) but it doesn’t change anything…

Sorry @MyriamBoure, unfortunately the setting you are referring to restricts the products that are available in an order cycle to only those items which are on a coordinator’s inventory list. It’s a way for a coordinator to say ‘I don’t want to see my winter stock items in the OC interface during summer’, to help them save time setting up OCs. It doesn’t mean that all shops inherit the price/stock values that are set in that inventory.

Lyn is working on an Inventory upload tool, which would make your users’s task of updating 10 Inventories faster.

Perhaps a short term solution would be the ability to set inventory for >1 enterprise at the same time?

Or the hub could avoid Inventory and use products instead (only if no other users are stocking the products).

Eventually Rob and Kirsten are keen to overhaul the inventory tool and the order cycle setup. This is a big change that will solve your use case and others. Under the new system, enterprises will be able to make multiple inventory lists, which they can share and inherit with others. These lists will also be the basis of order cycles, instead of creating lists in 2 places as we currently do (inventory and OC setup). See here Order Cycles 2.0 / Schedules and this is also related - Inventory Management - Separate Product Info

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