Checkbox to Allow Marketing Emails at Checkout

What is the need / problem ?

Hubs expereinced huge growth in COVID and now retention is a big issue. We need to give hubs all the power possible to retain their customers. Adding them to a mailing list that notifies when order cycles open and close would be a great way to do this. However currently we do not get consent at checkout and hubs have to navigate this in a much more cumbersome way.

This will purely ask for emailing consent at checkout. No integrations or anything else.

Who does it impact ?

Shoppers and Enterprises

What is the current impact of the problem ?

We don’t have great stats on shopper retention but across the board sales are falling after the COVID spike. Being able to contact shoppers to invite them to order again is a key and widely used aspect of community building for online stores that we are currently not making easy. The extra steps cost email addresses and undoubtedly sales.

What is the benefit of focusing on this ?

Support teams are asked for this constantly. It will be easier to fit within GDPR and create a more joyful experience for hubs and shoppers. If this ask is as significant as the rest of the sector seems to think then this can boost revenue for hubs and in turn OFN.

Feature Candidate

Minimum Shippable is:

  1. A box on checkout, not clicked by default, that asks the shopper if they would like to be informed of updates from this hub inlcuding when new order cycles open.
  1. An additional field in the Customers -> Mailing List report ‘Consent’ which is ticked for every shopper that has ticked the box.

I would be interested if the following would be worth including:

  • If the shopper has already checked this box in the past it will not be shown (a shopper cannot unsubscribe via this box)

  • Note the Customer report seems to return entries for every order cycle, meaning the results are non-unique. This is not helpful here and I would suggest is a bug… though s5 :-/

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I’d say we should only do it if the box is only presented once (ie - if the user has already checked, the box is not presented). Otherwise - its just another annoying thing at a checkout our users say already ‘needs some love’.