Buying Group applies price 'translations' to inventory from wholesaler

Continuing the discussion from 'Networked e-commerce' overhaul [META]:

  • Wholesale enterprise / FC updates inventory list to reflect product availability and prices for this week
  • Has a way of sharing / copying this inventory to other enterprises e.g. BG
  • BG applies ‘translations’ e.g. 20kg sack wheat from Joe is $40, I have 3 translations:
    • 1-to-1 I offer the 20kg sack of wheat
    • variant that is direct divide by 20 on quantity and price - I offer 1kg for $2
    • variant that is higher price at lower quantity e.g. divide quantity by 40 (500g) and price (divide by 40 and add 20c = $1.20)
  • Applied translations make up BG inventory list - they then offer this through their own shop and order cycle

NB. NO attempt to track inventory availability through this at this stage, but we should avoid designing that possibility out


  • Fees get applied at OC, not at Inventory level, so if wholesaler was using fees these would get lost in transfer of shared inventory. Would need a way to include fees in ‘translations’

Can we close that given network discussions and plan to move forward, and “pricing table” wishlist that Rachel is working on so we can as first step setup a different price for different customer categories for a given product? Before we implement our product chain model… I would close, we will reopen specific wishlists to prioritize as we move forward with network feature, but we need to see how we split it, after we do the first bit which is pricing tables per customer category. I let you decide @Kirsten.

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