Branding strategy: software vs community vs local affiliate names/brands

In the context of creation of a new cooperative entity in France, and pitching more and more the OFN especially in the context on my involvement in the free software and commons networks in France, I think it would make global communication on what is OFN easier if we could change the name of the software, to differentiate better “the software” and “the network” which are two different things but with same name, a bit confusing today.

Here is an example of how we could communicate (and how I do communicate about OFFrance and OFN now, even if not using new software name ;-)):
1- Open Food France develops a platform (Saas service) based on the free software “hubethic” (or any other software name. I would not limit the software name to something food related but more commerce through sovereign hubs. Hubs sell more than food today already.).
2- Open Food France is a member of the Open Food Network.
3- The Open Food Network develops global commons for sovereign food distribution : a software (hubethic) but also open source knowledge (studies), and blablabla. The OFN has a distributed governance and rules are written in the community pledge, etc.

I really have the impression we mix a lot the open source software, the community, and the commons we develop (among which there is the open source software but that goes beyond that).

Here is a space to discuss that.
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