Be able to make an enterprise invisible on other enterprises profiles

What is the need / problem ?

When you set up an enterprise as invisible, the enterprise is still showing up in the profile of an enterprise they are linked too.

This is good when the invisible enterprise is a producer because most of the time we want the producer to be invisible on the map and producers list but not an a shop profile. This is done especially when the producer is not managing its own profile.

However when the enterprise is a shop, sometimes they don’t want people to find them at all. The users I have in this case chose to have a closed shop to workaround it, but they all reported it was not satisfiying because most of them want to enable guest checkout and make the people they share their link to aware of the products they are selling without having to connect to the software.

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

I would like to propose a new option in enterprise settings where:

  • the first option is the current radio button that will impact the enterprise list, maps and search engines.

  • the second option would do the same as the first option + enable an enterprise to become also invisible on the profile of other enterprises.


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Good thought - so how would this work in a hub situation? The hub would of course control visibility for their own enterprise. But I"m thinking of situations where an enterprise supplies multiple hubs - that enterprise would bake this visibility decision, and it would apply to all the hubs they sell to? Is it possible that a supplier would want their enteprise visible on the profile of some hubs, but not others?

Hi @tschumilas this is a very good question. So far I haven’t had the request. Currently in France hubs are complaining because they specifically ask to be invisible, so the fact that people can still find them is not acceptable for them.

Maybe we could introduce some more flexibility, but we really need to be sure it’s a need. Maybe we can separate the two while we figure it out?

I have no objection to separating the issues. I have not been asked by suppliers to be invisible - so there is no need here that I know of. Although, I can see use cases for making an enterprise invisible. lots of suppliers are seasonal for example - they sell to a given hub for a few months only, and they might want to be invisible some of the time and visible other times.

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