Backend/Admin layout overhaul

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interesting @tschumilas this is really calling for a conversation about the UX of the backoffice and how users interact with it.

in terms of the menu layout suggested above, what I get is that no one is against this change, and that’s a very good first step :slight_smile:


Should we move the menu to the right?

Yes. Rob did great work and it’s a shame it has been unused for such a long time. Everybody agrees it looks great. Thank you @luisramos0 for volunteering! :heart: Do you have Rob’s branch?

What about Spree upgrades?

Thank you for summarising the possible impacts. I would vote for creating our own admin interface and eventually ditching spree-backend.

Should we move from Skeleton to Foundation?

Yes, the backend should use the same as the frontend.


Awesome @maikel. Thanks for the encouragement!
Yes, with the “de-deface project” I think it’s becoming clear we will go our own way in terms of backoffice UI. And that eliminates one dimension of the spree/solidus question. And probably makes solidus more attractive for us (as spree v3 new UI becomes a considerable upgrade barrier without the benefit). We will see…

The branch must be this one:

I’ll rebase, have a look and post here my evaluation of how difficult it would be to get it ready to go.


I’m wondering how Rob design interact with Enterprise setup menu, which is also on the left.
To be honest I don’t know if we want the whole backend to be responsive… that’s a discussion we need to have. But I agree with @tschumilas that the priority for me is not UX but “cascading complexity”, just show the complexity a producer need, not the whole shit of possibilities. We started doing that by opening subscription only for some hubs. Maybe we should list the features and “toggle them” to activate / deactivate them upon request instead of showing to everyone.


Yes! This would make me so happy! We could gain a huge amount of horizontal space as well with a responsive layout that’s not fixed in a 960 grid surrounded by whitespace on both sides: