Automatically send a reminder for buyers with unfulfilled orders


What is the need / problem ?

Some of our buyers seem to not be used to buy veggies online.
As most of the time they pay by cash, they don’t go until the end of the process, figuring that their order is taken into account once they have given their home address.

While checkout need maybe a redesign, this wishlist focus on one particular task (that will remain whether or not we redesign the checkout page).

This task is the one of the hub manager who currently emails each person who has an unfulfilled order manually. The idea here would be to perform a check (e.g. an unfulfilled order since 2 days) and send an automated email.

I’ve tested this yesterday on one of our big French ecommerce platform : Fnac.
Today I’ve received this email:


Which translate as “Rachel, didn’t you forget something ?”

That was catchy enough for me to open it :smiley:

Inside I had a direct link to finish my checkout.

Who does it impact ?

Hub managers who needs to contact each potential buyer who started a checkout process, but never finished it.

What is the current impact of the problem ?

Some hub manager don’t have the time to send those emails and therefore are missing orders.

What is the benefit of focusing on this ?

An email is a quick win that can help our users a lot.

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

[brainstorming to list feature candidates]

Selection of a feature candidate

[value x ease matric if needed]

T-shirt size of our selected feature candidate

Metrics to measure if need is satisfied after feature is implemented

Feature owners

Epic/projet where you can follow implementation

Connected wishlist and discovery discussions*

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