Automatic API Test Generation

Hello everyone! This is my first post, nice to meet you all.

I am a PhD student in the field of API testing and am currently developing a tool that, given a swagger file describing the API together with a specification describing the possible (or non-possible) sequences of interactions with the API, automatically generates drivers that test the system. The drivers can be seen as clients interacting via the API while performing some analysis on the responses.

The aim of this tool is for it to be reviewed and approved by a team of professional artefact reviewers and then be available for everyone to use. To do this, we need to apply the tool to a variety of case studies and see its effectiveness, both in reducing the time spent to come up with tests and also in the ability of finding real bugs in the system. Of course, the more advanced the case studies are, the better is our analysis of the proposed tool which in turn, translates to improvements on the actual tool.

After a conversation with @filipefurtado, I believe that the OFN project perfectly fits these needs and would like to collaborate with the testing team and developers with the aim of helping with the testing of the system.

Thanks and looking forward to work with you all!