ASK? checkbox

Hi all,
i am trying the OFN instance installed at to be used in Spain probably.
I bumped into this checkbox called ASK? at the Consumers edit page.

Anybody can tell me what is it for? it is obsolete or allready deleted in the master branch?


Hi @capiscuas !

I’m Pau, from the OFN/Katuma team. I’m glad that you’re giving the alpha a try!

For what I could find out, as of master that checkbox seems not to be used. @oeoeaio do you have any idea?

Feel free to join us here and/or on for this or any other concerns.

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Hope to meet you soon!

I remember @oeoeaio and maybe @sstead telling me what this was at some point . . it is definitely a thing :slight_smile:

My understanding is that the ask box gives you the option of being asked to confirm when you delete things. The ask checkbox doesn’t work, so by default the users is NOT asked to confirm when they delete things, things just delete

I might be wrong (I nearly forgot what I ate for lunch, so don’t take me too seriously) but I think I was asked to confirm no matter the state of the checkbox. I’ll check it again.

Did we got an answer to this? I’m really curious!

Sally is right about what it should be doing. It was definitely designed to be ON by default. Not sure if is broken or not, sounds like it is. It’s been a very long time since I looked at it…