Applications still being accepted for the Gathering for Open Ag Tech conference on May 7-9, 2018

There are few more spots at the 2018 Gathering for Open Ag Tech conference, which is going to be held from May 7-9 in New York. It would be great if there was an OFN developer and/or active user that was interested. I (Rob from Local Orbit) will be there, as will Mike Stenta from farmOS.

They have some funding for travel and lodging. There are folks coming from outside the country.

Please apply at to come collaborate on OFN with us!

I really wish I could go - but I have to be here for my paid work unfortunately. I agree it would be great if someone from OFN could go. I know its last minute - but can any of you Europe folks go?

@oeoeaio don’t suppose you’d be interested? if there was funding for travel?

Kat and I applied but haven’t heard back yet. It does seem like it will be amazing!!

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