API Show n Tell Call - 10 Sept 2021


Germany apps

  • Hendirk showed us the back-end / admin app they have built to add
    functionality to the OFN core admin operations. It includes:
    • syncing products with warehouse / ERP software
    • analytics dashboard for Hubs
    • automating notifications such as out-of-stock and end-of-order cycle notifications to Producers
  • The back-end app (not sure if it has a name) is Python, open-source and available here [get link]. Available for use by other instances if wanted. Still in early stages, likely to become a paid additional feature in Germany once they start charging
  • Might be an option for quick-n-easy building of more automated notifications, which was a priority that came up in product work ping @Jana
  • German team are also investigating / starting work on a mobile app for taking orders, using OFN as base, potentially linking through to coded-auto-access lockboxes for order collection. Very exciting!!


  • Working on an integration with a basic POS system which is a basic cash machine. Small open source and values aligned provider Pasteque in France, compatibility / usefulness to other instances TBC
  • Their prototype (@jibees is building) enables
    • login from sub-domain of FR staging
    • enter login details to Pasteque, enter OFN API key
    • pull list of products / variants and push them to Pasteque (in production)
    • pull list of orders and push them to Pasteque (in development)
  • Code is open-source and in gitlab - part of CoopCircuits Toolbox (of complementary tools for OFN)
  • Seems like once developed this prototype could be adapted to other POS systems, may be complexity around data matching and hence DFC!!! still required :slight_smile:

Notes about Endpoints

  • Aspiration for these projects to be summarised and documented here in discourse for now. Possibility of support from product team to @hhomann and @stepan to document the german solution (@Rachel to confirm)
  • Documentation should include (wherever possible):
    • endpoints used
    • notes of where documentation (i.e. swagger) is incorrect and needs to be updated
    • endpoints most wanted / needed - as noted in this conversation
      • webhook: product / variant goes out of stock (this is being polled)
      • webhook: order cycle closes
      • endpoints: order cycles - get open; recently closed; recently opened etc
      • endpoints: CREATE order; possibly also PUT order for updates

Proposed to have this session quarterly as we learn together and develop API User Community :slight_smile:

Next Meeting in global calendar for 10 December at 7am AEST. Clocks may have changed by then which may require a rethink, but I can’t process that info right now!

Recordings Below - THANKS EVERYONE!

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Just to precise: Yes, I do work with the bulk_product endpoint:

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