Anyone know (has estimated?) how many USERS and DEVELOPERS OFN has globally?


@robert is asking re. plans for talking to aus users and I’m just wondering if this is something that someone has already tried to work out? @MyriamBoure @CynthiaReynolds @tschumilas @nick @lin_d_hop

If not, and is easy enough for you to quickly post estimated users and devs connnected with your instances that would be great!!



I guess there are about 4 active devs in the UK and this is the tally from the UK home page today


In France there are 2 active devs (one on pure dev and one on servers) I would say and here info on France

Interesting, as you can see we have much less shops, but more orders, maybe bigger hubs models using OFN in France ? In real those 68 shops represent only 6 to 10 food entreprises that manages multipels local food hubs (one manages 12, another 6, another 14, some just 1 of course as well, etc.)
And apparently we have not worked as much as UK on onboarding producers :-o
Will be interesting to share stories in Aus :slight_smile:


In Canada we have no devs - indeed, no one at all but me. Something I’m desperate to change. Screen shot from our home page:

But this is misleading because we’ve had so many people trying it out and I’ve made so many demo shops - so we only have 3 shops actively trading. The producers are high in relation because one of our users is a co-op store who created profiles for about 50 different suppliers.


Here is ours, @sigmundpetersen and I hold the fort on the admin side with a new dev coming on in Sweden.
these numbers include quite a few demo producers/shops


I added these up for a social media post in June about how much OFN had been used over 5 years since starting. What’s really cool is seeing how much this has increased since June!


This is great, not only to I get to see the macro numbers but also learn some what some words mean in other languages :slight_smile:


And here is australias as at 20Nov 2017


Hi Jen, I have just guesed at the other countries currently just starting or looking into OFN. Can you add to this best guess please?