Analysis of registration issues (no pack chosen / empty profiles / lots of inactive shops)

We have started to work on our commercial strategy in France. We are planning to :

  • Clarify/simplify the way we communicate on our offers, so if people search us it needs to be clear, before we start doing active prospection
    • Redo the website with creation of CoopCircuits cooperative (WIP, waiting for WP template but working on content meanwhile)
    • Implement a newsletter
  • Second step is to welcome properly those who come to us, again before searching for new users
    • We have done some analysis on users who register on the platform, will share below problems we have identified, object of this post.
    • We have a problem regarding how we follow / categorize our users and where BI could help us build a more relevant commercial strategy (which is one of our key factor of success, how we convert people who come to actual users us is KEY). We will share deeper analysis later on.
  • Then we can do prospection

Analysis of enterprise users registration

Twice this year (april and july) we analyzed among the new enterprises created on OFN :

  • How many were registered as producers / hubs
  • How many were visible / invisible
  • How many were selling unspecified / none / own / any
  • How many sell on OFN (own or any)
  • How many are visible AND selling own or any (so supposed to be active on the platform… as if invisible probably testing, even if not really true as we have actually lots of invisible active shops on OFFrance, they want to be only accessible for members but found the private shop to complex to manage so just hide themselves a bit…)
  • And among those, how many are ACTUALLY trading, really using the OFN shop

Results for the two periods are almost the same so I’ll just share those of July :

Learning 1:

Around 9% of the enterprise users who start to create an account don’t go till the choice of a pack (unspecified). There can be two reasons for that :

  • Either they don’t receive / receive as spam the email saying the enterprise has been created with the link to join the admin interface
  • Either they don’t click on the link / don’t understand they have to click on it / don’t understand they have to login to finish to setup their profile and imagine their profile is setup and that’s enough for them
  • Probably for those profile creations people wanted only profile.
  • Or they thought it was too complex and just stopped here even if wanted something else…

It shouldn’t be possible to have “unspecified” users… we should integrate that choice in the profile creation screens and wait for this choice to be made before saying “your enterprise has been created”. For this we could open a wishlist, I’m not doing it now as I know we have lots of other things more prioritary…

So the workaround we have found is France is to reword different screens and radically change the text :

  • After step 3 of registration modal, instead of saying “you’re done”, we say “almost there” and explain there is still one thing to do : check emails and choose a profile type.
  • Same in the email received, we don’t say “your enterprise is now on OFN”’ but “Last step to register [entreprise] on OFN” and inside the mail, explain that they now need to choose a profile type for their profile to be visible on the OFN, with link to admin panel, etc.

We will check in some months to see if that improve the “uinspecified” rate.

Learning 2:

Lots of enterprise who don’t sell through OFN choose a pack including a shop (selling own or any). I think there is a confusion when reading through the onboarding screens : when they have to choose a pack we ask them if they want

  • A profile, meaning they don’t manage a shop but can propose products to shops
  • A producer shop / producer hub / hub shop, meaning they do sell online. Maybe they understand that in they sell IN ABSOLUTE (maybe not or OFN) they should register as shops so they appear as shops, even if they don’t use the OFN shops !
  • Only around 20% of shops on OFFrance are actually using the shop, so we have a lot of pollution on our platform… 80% of the “shops” are actually not using the shop ! We will need to manage the existing and clean (process WIP) but would be great to avoid this confusion for the next enterprise registering on the platform…

So again, we have tried radical rewriting of the texts of the packages.

Difficulties we encounter in leads and users management

1- We need a regular manual check to know that new enterprise users have created an account

  • Some instances have integrated with Trello so it creates a card that someone can then follow up, which is the same as exporting the report every day or week and check new enterprises…*
  • We don’t want to use Zapier too much so we gonna manually export the report “entreprises and users” and treat them one by one.

2- We have no way to know that the new enterprise created is created and managed by a third party (ex: the hub manager creates the profile of the producer) : this can only be known by personal identification of the owner email, that we “recognize” is the same of a user we already know… Or sometimes by checking enterprise permissions and seeing to which enterprise the new one is link.

3- We have no way to know that the new enterprise is trading or not, we need to manually check if there has been orders on this shop or not.

4- We have no way to know that the new enterprise is just another distribution point of an existing user managing multiple hubs (one per delivery location, very frequent case in France). Again, we need to personally recognize the email. Or check permissions.

5- We are not notified if something changes in an enterprise (name has been changed, owner email has been changed, etc.) so we quickly have gaps between info in our CRM and info on the platforms and investigations are sometimes hard to understand the gaps…

… anyway, it means for each new enterprise, there are lots of manual investigations to get data that are not in the reports but that could be very useful, like if orders or not, which package chosen, if payment and delivery method are specified, etc.
And to send our newsletters, etc. As we base on our CRM we will quickly have gaps, new users will not be on the list, old ones will not have been removed, etc.

I’ll stop here as we are implementing a manual process to start with and then iterate, as I guess everyone else has done… but with the current data we have in reports all this commercial management seems to me pretty time consuming… might be a topic for a next global gathering :wink: