Allow other tools to rely on OFN for user registration

What is the need / problem

  • Fred uses OpenOlitor to manage his CSA where Shannon is a member. Fred wants Shannon to be able to register in the CSA by herself, without having to create a profile in the openolitor backoffice.

Who does it impact

  • Members of a CSA using openolitor will be able to register online without any intervention and will have an online profile in OFN.

What is the current impact of this problem

  • Account management in openolitor (we need more info here)

What is the benefit in focusing on this

  • Integrating OFN and OpenOlitor is a great step to fulfil the vision of a “open food network”.
  • This could open other possibilities of integrating accounts and processes between the tools (orders in OFN and memberships in OpenOlitor for example)

Links to more details

This is part of the conversation between OFN and OpenOlitor.

This is part of the larger integrations scope to enable OFN to integrate with external systems.

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

This could be solved using existing OFN functionality: the existing OFN user registration process and some existing form of extraction of OFN user accounts through DB integration or API.

This could be an opportunity to build on some external Authentication solution like or

This could also be an opportunity to investigate potential usage/collaboration with a open and distributed platform for user data management.

This is the first OFN wishlist item I create. Please let me know if I missed something.

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ohhhhhh solid . . let’s play with solid :wink:

yeah, I have created my solid pod just now.

an example: we can talk about ofn on my public solid ofn chat channel here (you need to create your pod first by registering):

the feature in ofn would be to have the ofn login page with a “login with solid” option :smiley:

This is sounding very exciting. Can you tell me - with such an integration with OpenOilator - this user (consumer/member user) would also be registered on OFN - so they could be a ‘member’ in a private OFN shop?

Second - would this integration make it possible for an someone to be an OFN ENTERPRISE user (so a farm, or a hub) and also use OpenOilator as a CSA? So the use case I’m thinking of… A farm runs a CSA and wants to use OpenOilator, but they also sell to a food hub on the OFN - can the do both through one account?

Yes @tschumilas, those are the type of scenarios this simple integration would open up.
We need to go through the details with someone who knows openolitor well.

this is pretty interesting - I wonder/suspect we might be interested in helping make openolitor available for more ‘pure’ csas in Australia too - interested in considering how we’d do this. @maikel @Jen @danielle

This sounds very similar to what we have already done with Discourse. A developer can connect an OFN instance and a Discourse instance. If somebody has an account in OFN, they can use it for Discourse. It was not that difficult to implement, because Discourse had a really nice description of how to do it and Discourse supported it already. We have to check which standards are supported by other tools already or which one is the best for us. Then we can integrate that into OFN and the other tools.

@luisramos0 I have some questions: you mention Shannon but I think you meant Jane? :slight_smile: Personas : let's name our users!
In OFN customers don’t have profiles, but I guess you mean member of a CSA using OO will have an actual “account” with an ID so will be able to be idenfitied and managed then in some computer system.

I would be curious to understand more about the account management issues in OO, I don’t think Mikel has an account yet, I will ask via email. To understand better why they need that, so that we design a solution that is really valuable.

I agree that it’s going in the direction of what we want the OPEN Food NETWORK to be, organizations, projects, people, connected and working together, mutualizing what can be mutualized, but also remaining sovereign and in(ter)dependant :slight_smile:

I LOVE of course your first experiment with Solid, I do think Solid is gonna change the web :slight_smile: Would be even better for me at some point if all logins are made with Solid so by default this login is reusable, but we can iterate I guess, all this is still a bit unclear to me.

On the broader interoperability scenario, we will need to go MUCH MORE into details about the data models and probably the work we have done in the Data Food Consortium will be valuable here, it OO build their API following that model and OFN do the same, we start building that “esperanto” based interoperability sphere where we all start to talk the same language. DFC is still only a semantic model, we are still raising fund to build the standard but this use case is one more argument that I can use, I found half the budget, I think we gonna move forward early next year hopefully !

You have the machine readable files of the ontology here:

@luisramos0 I will invite Mikel to the call we have on the 31st with Sylvain on Solid and Startin’BLox :slight_smile:

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Yes, Jane. Sorry.

I dont understand this statement “In OFN customers don’t have profiles”
This is my profile on Katuma:

Yes, we need to understand “the account management issues in OO”.
From what I understood, it’s self-registration and probably self-discovery: I can register by myself on OFN and I can browser existing CSAs.

I see what you mean now by ‘profile’ @luisramos0. I think in OFN we’ve been using the word ‘profile’ in a more limited way - ie: a user who enters, and can modify, information about themselves and their enterprise (farm name and address, contact info, logos, products,) As a customer user- in ofn my ‘profile’ as you called it, is really just a reflection of the purchases I made on the platform - correct? I mean - that a customer in OFN cannot create, share or change any information other than their user name and password. Correct? I wonder if this is possible i OO? CSAs here, want the functionality where the customer/member can not just buy shares, but can create and modify multiple conditions about their purchase- ie: change my pick up location for this week, nominate someone else to pick up for me and forward them the details, …) This gives a buyer/consumer user more ‘power’ - just as producer/enterprise users have now.
Would be great - every time a customer/member does something like this themselves, it makes the producer’s life a little bit easier.

yes, I see what you mean by producer profile for example. thanks for clarifying.
yes, I meant that profile that, for now, cannot be edited/changed :slight_smile: