Allow for shoppers to follow/subscribe to a specific store

What is the need / problem ?

Small business benefit tremendously by connecting with their customers. On an online platform that connection can be in the form of a subscription or follow feature.

Who does it impact ?

This issue has an impact on customers who are interested in favoriting and keeping track of their preferred stores, and

What is the current impact of the problem?

The problem currently hinders users from following their favorite stores. The sellers do not have much connection to their customers. When a new product is out, or a sale begins at a store, there isn’t a means of informing those who are interested.

What is the benefit of focusing on this ?

This will improve the overall customers’ experience because they can stay in the loop of their favorite stores. To add, the sellers stand to benefit by having a connection to their top customers, whom they can easily market to.

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

Adding a ‘follow seller’ or ‘subscribe to seller’ button for signed-in users.

Selection of a feature candidate

[value x ease matric if needed]

T-shirt size of our selected feature candidate

Metrics to measure if need is satisfied after feature is implemented

We can measure number of users using the feature.

Feature owners


Epic/projet where you can follow implementation

Connected wishlist and discovery discussions*

[list precedent discussions]

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