Adding customer support to the Super Admin guide

We had some discussion in Aus yesterday about support documentation for people who are doing customer support, and some of us (:raising_hand:) needing a bit more documentation to lean on.

To me, the obvious place to put this documentation is the Super Admin guide, as it’s processes that are only available to Super Admins. But there isn’t necessarily the most obvious place to put them within that guide at the moment as it’s mostly about instance set-up.

Are people happy for me to edit that guide a little to make a ‘Delivering Customer Support’ section? With subsections for specific areas. (Probably involves a little bit of an edit to the Managing Users section as well to pull some of that content into a Delivering Customer Support section instead)

Then are people happy to help build up the content in this new section? I think we should have a similar aim that we defined for customer support and the User Guide, that if a question is asked (in this case in the #instance-managers slack channel) and you’re going to write an answer to help someone, where possible we should write the answer directly into the Super Admin guide and share the link instead. In this way we build a rich document that constantly is added to and we increase people’s ability to help themselves without needing customised support.

Any objections?


was just pondering further today and realised that this is really about taking ‘on-boarding for customer support’ as seriously as we do for devs. How do we actually make documentation available for all the things that are so tricky to learn (and why we really struggle to get people to ‘Ri’ customer support). Thanks @Jen @EmilyRogers @danielle and @maikel for great day yesterday :slight_smile:


This sounds good. I would be happy to contribute (but not lead on this). I wonder if @lbwright22 might be willing to contribute?

I’m good with this too. confess - I need to figure out how to make contributions (technically how to do it). I also want to again float the idea of a regular zoom. I think one of the reasons we struggle to get people to Ri is that there are so many unique possibilities with various features. I know its getting ridiculous to schedule zooms though. So I can offer to do a ‘relay’ if that works. Basically: we start with a zoom with UK, US, Europe (like mid afternoon for me - so still office hours in Europe) and then after that, I re-zoom with AUS - so evening for me and am next day for Aus. Thoughts? Maybe I’m the only one who thinks talking through some features is necessary - and if so - I’ll read and practice, its ok. meanwhile - is there a post/tutorial/instructions re: how to contribute to the Super Admin guide somewhere? (and maybe a reminder for how to do this for the User Guide too?) apologies - I’ve dropped from that loop.

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Why yes, I can help you with how to edit the Super Admin and User Guide with this freshly written page :wink:

I feel like for now I just want better documentation to lean on, because with zooms and walk-throughs I just forget what was covered and it doesn’t stick unless I start using immediately, but that’s probably just my learning style. But what’s an example of what you think a zoom like this should/could cover?

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for example - we did one (I think just canada and @lauriewayne1) participated on some of the finer points of using inventory. when you’d suggest a user use it, how to get products there, how to hide, how and why to change from the default setting on the profile… The problem was though - that some bugs were fixed . Thats not the problem - but once they were fixed, it made the recording of the zoom out of date. So maybe you are right about focusing on documentation. Thanks for the link reminder. I’ll get to it eventually.