Add notifications for the admin

What is the need / problem ?

With bulk invoice printing, we have a feature that can actually work in the background. The user does not have to wait on the page when his PDF is building. However currently if he closes the loader, even if the process is still happening in the background, he has no possibility to find it when it is ready.
So the only solution is to wait for the process to finish and then have a link to the PDF.
That also means that if the modal is closed after the process is finished, to find the same PDF again there is no other way than re-launch the whole process (or search your browser history, but no user think about this).

Who does it impact ?

Currently only people using bulk invoice printing, but we will put more and more processes in the background I guess, and we can think about other notifications. So this could be useful on different times.

What is the current impact of the problem ?

Users wait till their long process is over, which is a bit sad because the technology implemented allows the user not to wait.

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

  1. Do emails notifications. In the case of bulk invoice printing, the link which currently appears on the modal when the PDF is ready could be sent by email.

  2. Create a little notification tool inside the admin. In the case of bulk printing, I see it like this:
    a. The user launch his bulk print
    b. He see a modal telling him that he will receive a notification when the PDF is ready
    c. When the PDF is ready he see a little number on a bell icon in the top menu:
    d. When he clicks on it he can see a small dropdown menu with a link to its PDF. If comes back tomorrow, the link will still be there.

  3. Do both: 1 & 2

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I love this! I suspect once it exists we’ll start to use it any time we can!

I note that if we did this, it would be quite straightforward to add a feature for someone to Request Permissions from another enterprise on OFN , which would be ace . .

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Some more related info in GH issue which was closed in favor of this topic

Option 2 is very cool, but I expect users will want notifications across many functions but it could be rolled out with specific notifications first then expanded.

eg. I expect hub users would love to know when producers have made changes to products their supply.

Moved to: Add notifications for the admin · Issue #61 · openfoodfoundation/wishlist · GitHub