ACN, ABN and GST in onboarding

I open this issue to discuss about the “about” step of the onboarding (pun not intended). See below.

Although we translated ABN and GST to the Spanish nomenclature there are two problems that raise from this: Localization and Onboarding Friction.


The legislation regarding companies and VAT varies between instances. While AUS has ABN and ACN, Spain has only the equivalent of ABN. Therefore, the ACN has no sense in Katuma and people ask us what to fill in there.

Onboarding Friction

We also think that these fields add unnecessary friction to the onboarding. This process should be short and intuitive enough so that we maximize the conversions, which at this point of the app is acquiring users.

These steps are nothing the users need to get the core value of OFN and can be filled in later on in /admin if the user really needs them. I can think of Airbnb or Stripe as examples. They ask you legal data after you successfully signed up, while making possible to give the app a try.


So what we propose is to get rid of these 3 fields from the onboarding and leave them in the enterprise settings in /admin. This must go hand-in-hand with a user guide that explains how to setup an enterprise with its legal obligations such as VAT and ABN.


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Thanks @sauloperez, actually I think it’s a good idea… most users don’t fill those info anyway, and they really are not necessary at this stage. So +1 for me :slight_smile:
And in back office as suggested you can translate ABN and ACN to fieds that make sense to you (in France we use the first for Org n° and second for “inter-communautary VAT n°” which is required on invoices for international trades. And it happens one of our users is based in Spain and sells to buying groups in France, so bother fields are useful.
That’s an easy first step at least I guess :wink:
Cheers :slight_smile:

seems sensible to me. Perhaps filling in those fields could be highlighted somehow when a user switches from profile to shop, which is when the info becomes relevant?

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That’s a good point. These fields become mandatory when the user does that, yes.