About the Community category

Who are we? Who are all those beautiful energies working together to make OFN happen?

This category is about the people in our community :smile:
Because people and relationships are the foundation of this project, on which everything is built.

Let’s introduce ourselves, and discuss about the community building dimension of our wonderful project!

My name is Leonardo Bauchwitz, from Argentina. I install and configure OFN to spanish community. Actually I have installed the server (test and production mode).
The next steps, will be contact producers, and potentially users, and test the business model to support the server, administrative tasks, etc.
I have some ideas, to develop, but first I need test if the people agree and participate.

Hola Leonardo. Cómo va el proyecto??? Yo soy Chileno pero hace 3 años vivo en Israel. Creo que podría contactarte con algunas personas en Chile. Revisaste la versión en Español que está en Paraguay??