About after-deploys checks

We all have our routines after new deployments, but I am wondering if I am not missing something in my own ones, so I decided to start a post to share best practices regarding this topic.

Of course it depends on what you are deploying and how you are doing it, but I will choose the case of the Global Team deployments, as it is the one I know the best and the practices for other approaches would be very similar.

I will post my own routine, and then we can discuss about it and improve it. I will at the end synthetize the discussion into a specific wiki on ofn-install projects if it sounds good to you.



that’s an interesting very tech-specific approach @paco. I wonder what others do. I’m guessing other instance managers place an order in a demo shop. @Kirsten @Rachel @lin_d_hop @tschumilas?

The cool thing about your approach is that very easily automatable. We can get email notifications for most of those steps.

We also have https://ofn-user-guide.gitbook.io/ofn-testing-handbook/testing-handbook-v2-from-google-drive/how-to-do-a-sanity-check-in-production-after-a-release

Ping @Rachel @filipefurtado

Yup I do as the doc says :grin:

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We have also discussed automating what the doc says https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/ofn-install/issues/493 :smile:

Great that you’ve raised this issue @paco.

Sure it is tech oriented, but I feel these steps could be added to the our gitbook-document. Maybe as advanced “Advanced Checks” or so. It would perhaps benefit from some additional context but I would add this immediately and build as we go.

I’d love to have a chat on Datadog - I’ve never really used this platform before. The current log-in info in Bitwarden seems outdated. If anyone is available for this please do ping me on Slack.

Thanks as well for pinging here @sigmundpetersen - and especially for pointing out #493 in ofn-install!

we also do what the doc says - and we also let some of the users we work most closely with know to ‘have an eye’ that morning as they do their usual stuff, for anything unusual. I totally agree with automating the approach - but honestly, we have good relationships with a group of diverse users who can also be our ‘checkers’ in ‘real life’.