A shopper can add products to an existing order

What is the need / problem ?

Once a shopper places an order the only way to add products is to create a new order. Orders can be modified (qty added and items removed), but new line items cannot be added. This wishlist item would enable items to be added to an existing order by the shopper.

Who does it impact ?

The workaround of creating a new order is mostly sufficient. The problem arises in packing reporting and invoicing integrations. Larger, wholesale users struggle as their customers will put in a number of orders to mitigate this workaround. This results in a number of invoices and packing list entries that increases the complexity of operations unnecessarily.

What is the current impact of the problem ?

Currently the impact is small. It will benefit users widely and is a feature that would help OFN be more appealing to larger wholesale users.

What is the benefit of focusing on this ?

Simplifies integrations with accounting systems.
Simplifies packing and reporting.

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

[brainstorming to list feature candidates]

  1. If the feature is enabled for a user give the shopper the option at checkout to add to existing order (using same payment and shipping methods).

  2. This could also be done by the shopper when they go to Orders -> Edit in the front end. This would mean that we’d need a product select option from this screen, which will not be a nice as the actual shopfront.

Selection of a feature candidate

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Feature owners

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Connected wishlist and discovery discussions*

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Thanks for this @lin_d_hop. One of our larger hubs here would love it if customers could add to and change orders. Right now the hub has to manually merge 3 or sometimes 4 orders and invoices per customer, because customers have to make separate orders.
But I want to clarify - right now, under shop preferences - there IS an option to allow customers to edit orders while the order cycle is open. The hub here doesn’t use that, because they are concerned buyers will ‘hold’ stock in an open cart, so it won’t be available to others. Then they’ll release what they don’t want at the last minute - and the products won’t sell. So - how is what is proposed here different? A customer could still add tons to their cart, removing items from stock, but then release stock last minute. I wonder if a better solution, is to have the capacity for the hub to merge orders on the backend. ???

UK user (Banc) has their shop front set up with the ability for customers to edit orders while the order cycle is open. They have a mixture of subscription and one off orders. Orders are paid by card.
Currently if a one-off order is edited with additional items added to it before the order cycle closes payment is not automatically taken for the additional monies. This means they need to spend time chasing the customer for the money.
They would like customers to be taken to a payment screen after editing their orders so that payment can be captured and taken immediately.

In addition:
I would also like to be able to see simply and clearly all the transactions entered for a particular customer. The payment and delivery reports don’t really do this and I find it hard to work out what has gone on with their accounts. If I could call up a page like the transactions tab in people personal accounts it would help immensely.