Who are we? I want to know the people behind the names :-)

Hello all,
Thank you @MyriamBoure, to introduce myself I am basically into operation & execution of projects. Currently I am in the power industry and was earlier in the sales and distribution of FMCG products and briefly worked in the e commerce industry handing their operation in India. I wanted to start something in the space of collaborative consumption and happened to stumble upon OFN . Thanks to @MyriamBoure she had been of immense support in giving me the required input on how OFN Operates. I have not been a part of any collaborative community and this would be my first experience. I would like to introduce @Venu who is my partner interested in starting the Open Food Network in India.

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Hello Every One,
Thank you @MyriamBoure, @Biji_Karunakaran for introducing me to this community. This seems really exciting due to the power of community bringing in affordability to themselves and providing an advantage to the producers.
I was born and brought up in south India and did my schooling there. I have a Bachelor of Technology in Agricultural Engineering and an MBA in marketing. Most of my professional life has been in the area of IT working on Mainframes and SAP technologies in various organisations . At present I work for a large construction and equipment manufacturer , and manage one of the IT departments. In the last few years I am also into farming of Rubber and Bananas (Organic of course ! ). At present I am looking at the possibility of bringing the farmers as close to the consumers and I believe involvement in OFN should help me out in that.

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Hello Everyone,

As I enter into OFN, First, a BIG thankyou from the outside world for working on this awesome initiative. :smiley: Cant say in mere words,how it feels finding you people and the work you have put into, and the OPEN ideology you are following.
This is Sree Harsha, based out of Hyderabad, India. I am currently working with Centre for Sustainable Agriculture along with @ramoo and lot of other inspirational people.

We currently work with around 30 Small and Marginal farmer cooperatives in Southern and Central India across various capacities ranging from

  • Open Source Seeds
  • Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Organic/PGS Certification
  • Marketing
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Farmers Rights

After gaining a grass root level understanding volunteering with CSA, I am trying to bridge my past experience with technology and Supply chain Domain knowledge and see how I can help the cause.
For the past few months we have been actively discussing on building an end to end open source platform ourselves to break the Technology price barrier for many more farmers to enter the Cooperative model and move to Organic Farming, and also to make the whole process more transparent specifically with the Financial and Ecological footprint. We have found a few like minded people who are willing to spend time on helping with the technology part too. After coming across OFN, we felt that most of our ideology is synchronous, and would be great if we could collaborate and work.

I am also actively involved with the Permaculture community in India, and an active organising member for the National Permaculture Conference happening here in Feb 5th to 7th, 2016.
I have also read about the Ouishare community, and looking forward to learning and building a good community around sharing economy and community here in India.

Prior to jumping onto my passion, I worked as a Supply chain Consultant for 7 years (2008-2014) in the corporate space, at JDA working with clients like Infineon, Levis, Dell, Walmart etc in Inventory Optimization, Assortment, Allocation and Replenishment Mgmnt. I also dabbled on working on a few startup ideas, but didn’t find much conviction on the business models. Looking forward to apply some of my learnings in our OFN model.

W.r.t contribution to Global OFN, One of the feature which is very interesting is the Supply chain Traceability part. So I would be very much willing to contribute my time and effort on it.

Lot more to talk, probably I will spread them across other posts :smile:

Sree Harsha


Hi @sreeharsha and welcome to the OFN community! That’s is so great to see how the idea is gaining ground in India, as you see just above @Biji_Karunakaran and @Venu also joined the community lately and are willing to work on kickstarting OFN in India, so I hope you can collaborate on that project :smile:
I’ve been a couple of times to India and I love yoru country and culture, so I’m happy to support you in that process, as much as I can!
Your experience seems indeed very valuable, and your philosophy, as you say, totally aligned with the OFN Commons :smile:
I also happen to be very much involved in OuiShare, so we can definitely also talk about it.
Let’s have a chat soon, I answer your email now!


I’m Thomaz Neves. I’m from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, but my interest in food and food systems began in Italy where I graduated in as a graphic designer. After spending some time in Spain and Sweden I came back to Brazil and began my MA in alternative food systems through a design perspective. The OFN project has inspired me to get involved in food related projects and local groups such as Slow Food and CSA within the community. My goal is to get a portuguese version of the platform working so we can test it out and get enough attention around here to launch a fully working OFN instance. Any suggestions / advices,?

It’s was great to read all of your inspiring stories, hoping to be an active member of this group!

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Hi @thomaz, and welcome to the OFN community! Great to read your journey and your will to get an OFN Brazil instance up and running :slightly_smiling:
Ping @edushima, Eduardo is also based in Brazil, and contacted us some time ago, I don’t know where you are at Eduardo at the moment :wink:
Anyway, about how to start a new instance, you have various threads on the topic, and I recommend you to look at this one: Running your own local OFN and then you can follow the linked topics. This one can also be interesting for you: How to get your local OFN platform up and running?
For the technical side, you can find information on GitHub, there is a wiki with technical documentation there: https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/wiki
For the translation, I see that you started the Portuguese language on Transifex here: https://www.transifex.com/open-food-foundation/open-food-network/ :slightly_smiling:

If you want we can plan a skype conversation, so that I can try to answer your questions! We also have monthly global community hangouts, where we discuss between instances about some common challenges, questions, decisions to take, and we also share updates. If you want to join, the next one is this Tuesday (at 12:00 GMT), let me know and I will invite you.

I’m looking forward to meeting you virtually soon!

Already connected Thomaz ! Thanks

Thanks for the warm welcome, @MyriamBoure ! It was great to know we have brazilian ppl connected. @edushima and I are getting in touch, so I guess it is best to catch up with him first, then we could follow up with the global hangouts. Hoping it will be soon!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Prem. I am from Nepal but based in the US. Last year we had two high rector of earthquake in Nepal lot of people is living under poverty damage county infrastructure. I am trying to help to setup the web based platform for the local community in Nepal. Currently many people end up begging for it–while in our homes, restaurants, supermarkets, dining halls, businesses, and offices, so much of it is wasted. So we trying to connect each of these entity that will make food more equitably accessible to needy people in our community in Nepal. By reducing food waste, we can save money and resources, minimize natural impacts, and most importantly, move towards a world where everyone has enough to eat. Almost a year after the quakes and people still suffer the ravages of winter with inadequate shelter and food!. someone’s junk will be someone’s treasures! This will help make food more equitably accessible to needy people in our community and move towards a world where everyone has enough to eat.

Here the hought process is donations are posted to virtual marketplace via web. Using this information, our web platform will matches the donation with a nearby human service agency (such as a homeless shelter) orphanes home and Food Hero (volunteer driver), who then picks up and delivers the donated food. Also this will channel up with the localy registered food organization like temple, old age home, or any non profit organization to save and distribute the food to the need. Initially we have setup by using telephonic system where they call the organization to pick up extra food and distributed to the near by human services.
Now it is time to build online platform which will streamlined the process to make feeding those in need fast and easy. This will connect people with extra resources and foods to help fight hunger brings stability in the community locally. This plattform will help to address hunger locally and create global interface to the problem of hunger, allowing everyone to efficiently address the issue wherever and whenever they are.


Thank you @nepaliprem for this introdution :slight_smile: As discussed together on Skype, the OFN platform has not really been used yet to specifically work on food waste redistribution, but if you see how to use it for that purpose, I think that fits the values and mission we are pursuing! It will be an interesting case also for the whole community I guess. Just a question: do you want to really rework on the platform to adapt it to this specific food surplus redistribution purpose, or do you also want to allow other kinds of hubs to operate on it? Like direct sales from producers, buying groups, coops, etc.? If other people from the community have any experience using the OFN for food surplus redistribution please share!

Hi everybody!

I’m Daniele, a traffic engineer based in Milan, Italy. While working for the EU-funded project U-TURN I could talk with a number of local food producers and learn their needs for more innovative tools to reach their customers. Before that, I knew just a little about ethical purchasing groups or on-farm sales and food systems alternative to the superstores. I casually found the OFN platform in internet but I immediately recognised its value for the people I was talking with.
Thanks to @MyriamBoure I’ve got in touch with other wonderful Italians interested in the OFN project and together we are working to implement a local instance of OFN. Currently I’m exploring the technical issues of the project, the installation and the configuration of the platform. And I want to thank you all for the tips shared in the forum.


Welcome to the community @apicella2 :smile:

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Hello everyone.

My name is Spencer. I am from Hong Kong but moved to Thailand 6 years ago.

I started a social enterprise Go Organics (www.goorganics.co.th) here in Thailand about 2 years ago focusing on supporting small organic farmers in getting their organic produce into the market. We have also affiliated founders in Japan doing similar things (www.goorganics.jp) in promoting sustainable living and peace.

I have just joined OFN and thanks to Miriam, I have now a better understanding on OFN. I am at the planning stage of starting an OFN in Thailand. Any advice will be helpful.

Wish me luck!


Spencer Leung
Go Organics
Make Living & Peace Sustainable
m: +66 89 685 2808
e: spencer@goorganics.co.th
w: www.goorganics.co.th
l: https://th.linkedin.com/in/goorganics

Follow us on Facebook@goorganics.thailand



I’m pretty excited about open food networking and thrilled by the diverse community that “assembles” here! I consider “biodiversity” a key metric for evaluating the “life” in free software projects.

As organic software gardener I’ve been involved in a FoodCoApp for a small food coop in Freiburg germany. So far it is mobile (android) only and offline only and mainly used to account for food checkouts with a usb scale. Hence I’m thinking about how to connect to the world wide web of food(softs)

Anyone interested in a german playground OFN instance please talk to me :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work, collaboration and inspiring brainstorming!



Hi everyone
My name is pavan and I am from India, recently I have completed my under-graduate course. I came to know about OFN because of @sreeharsha. I always wanted to something for farmers in my country because now a days there are many cases of farmers committing suicide.Moreover I come from farming background. Currently I’m helping @sreeharsha by testing and setting up the platform and checking whether any changes are to be made to the platform in Indian context.


Welcome @orangeman! Please let me know if you want to discuss more deeply about OFN Germany and your project, we can plan a skype call if needed. There has been a bit of work started also on platform interoperability by @wvengen from FoodSoft, from Germany too, maybe there is also an interesting connection here :slight_smile: Cheers!

Welcome @saipavan1994! Great to see the OFN India team developing :slight_smile: Cheers!

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@MyriamBoure Thank you for connecting!
happy to join a skype call (available except Friday)

Hello there again,

As @danielle suggested I post my introduction also here:
I got PhD, but than I was helping establishing milk processing on my parents farm. Selling on farm-markets and developing our ways to sell our product I was talking with lots of costumers and other farms. I have noticed there is big gap between those two groups. It is logistic and investment (time and money) problem to get food from farmer (with name) to customer (with name). But even more seemed to me that there is deficit in availability of information. I thought and still think; If we improve flow of information about food and needs, system would improve by itself.
Therefore I have created http://s-kmetij.si that is meant to be web directory of farms and all sort of hubs. I am using wpgeodirectory.com wordpress plugin.
Here is intro for s-kmetij.si https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oexJ66DO7kI3.
When I have learned about OFN I thought:
-that is the right community for my ideas,
-this could be right kind of software
-together we can really change way food is distributed.
I got in touch with @MyriamBoure over helo@openfoodnetwork.org, so I jet know quite some things about OFN.
I see I have even bigger plans than OFN and if I manage to make them true I and group we have to establish can be significant part of OFN initiative.


Hi everyone, earlier this year I read Nick Rose’s “Fair Food - Stories from a movement changing the world” and was excited to learn about the Open Food Network Australia and the organization’s efforts to support alternative food systems. When I visited the OFN website, I was even more interested to learn of the work @CynthiaReynolds and @MyriamBoure were doing to launch the project in Scandinavia.

I am a Canadian living in Uppsala, Sweden and have a long term interest in food and food systems. I grew up on a farm in Canada where I learned to appreciate many aspects of growing and cooking wholesome food. Opportunities to live in Germany, Japan, China, India and Sweden have expanded my passion for diverse food cultures. While studying agricultural economics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences I was exposed to many new ideas, and a growing interest in sustainability and global food security led me to write a master’s thesis on Sustainable Supply Chain Management in China’s agri-food sector. However I am drawn to the mission of the OFN as a global collaboration helping to develop and strengthen local food networks.

I have a background in project management and operations (public sector and more recently for small entrepreneurial firms) and am interested in contributing to the development of OFN Scandinavia (including locally here in Sweden) and the global initiative.