When can an instance develop something specific around the OFN platform?


@danielle the last post here says max 3 epics (when we have less bugs): Limit work in progress - dev team focus


Ah, yep, but only when there’s less s3 bugs. And the likelihood of that anytime soon is low :slightly_frowning_face: :sob:


Nice discussion :slight_smile: We definitely need to enable such instance specific integrations. I think we should limit local specific work to integrations, as we don’t allow that flexibility we put the whole community at risk. We are all fighting to make our users patient and say that if we don’t have it in OFN we can try to integrate, so IMO API maintenance and improvement should be a core and ongoing priority, it is not the same type of feature than other features IMO, as it allows flexibility and the ability for local instances to find workaround when global priorities are not aligned with local needs. So I tend to agree with @Rachel about a 4th priority column. But let’s discuss at global gathering :slight_smile:

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