USA Planning

Hi @KatTheFarmer I am sorry about the delay on this. It is very nearly sorted thanks to the help of @enricostn supported by @jveilleux and @ravi. Big thanks to everyone involved. It will be great to have an active US instance

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Everyone is welcome to join a zoom meeting on Wednesday 29th November 10am EST to celebrate the opening of the OFN USA instance - thanks @jveilleux :grinning: The meeting will plan how we want to use it and who will host it, The agenda and joining instructions are here - please add any agenda items

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Thank you for organizing. I will try to make it to the meeting!

I see the upcoming meeting for OFN usa. Sounds exciting!
Would love to make it to the meeting. I saw on the agenda that we need to ID potential hosts. I would like to brainstorm on this ahead of time. Do you think you could explain what is involved in “hosting” a site for the whole country?

A monthly payment? An association? Do expenses grow with use? Do you have to store data on servers etc? I don’t have a sense of these things but I know lots of organizations to contact once I get as sense of it.

Thanks for your help and for advising this new group! Big help!

or how would regional hosting work?

Hi @KatTheFarmer - yes it would be great if you can join the call. There is some great background on hosting and funding here from @CynthiaReynolds.

There are two other very useful posts from @MyriamBoure on infrastructure
and security

Yes there are costs involved in setting up and running the servers. In the UK we pay UK£2,160 per year. I guess this would be higher in the US. We ask users to contribute to these (and our support and development costs) by paying 2-4% of their OFN turnover to the pot.

Yes I understand that server costs do grow with use but I don’t know the detail. Let’s ask @Kirsten

We have explored the idea of regional instances for OFN USA but my concern with this is that producers and hubs who are on the borders of 2 or 3 instances will find it difficult to trade with people over the border.

I agree with you @NickWeir, dividing the US into regions is likely to cause long term issues and potential confusion. It will also increase the amount of time, effort and cost associated with managing multiple instances.

@KatTheFarmer There are many options on how to move forward with the OFN USA.
It takes time and energy to get people to come together with the right balance of skills, interest, opportunity and vision to establish a new non-profit legal entity, not to mention administer it throughout the early stages.

Thanks to @jveilleux one massive hurdle is now behind us, in having the platform set up for everyone to use.

Given the current status, combined with the number of amazing organisations that already exist in America working to support food sovereignty; having one (or more) of them come on board to support the OFN USA as a project and help shape its future may pave the road ahead. These organisations also have a voice and a network which would surely bring together the pieces of the puzzle.

The meeting that is scheduled next week will be the first step. Allowing everyone to introduce themselves to each other, and answer questions about next steps.

I am afraid I am not the best person to talk re. hosting costs - I can tell you that we are planning to switch all our servers to Digital Ocean or Rimu as AWS is costing us way too much we think (about $400 AUD a month) . . but maybe that’s not actually that much more than UK are paying. Are you with Digital Ocean @NickWeir @lin_d_hop?

Just pinging others who have been on this thread earlier to make sure they realise that (OFN USA) is now up and running and that a call is planned next week to really get things moving :slight_smile:
@shelby @eric @MikeiLL @ecocity

Nick - I am about to send an email with call details to other contacts in the USA who might be interested. Have you checked in with Hannah and others who aren’t active on Slack and Discourse to make sure they know about it?

Thanks everyone and hurrah for @jveilleux @enricostn and Daniel Palomar :slight_smile:

NB. I will have a strong coffee on Tuesday 29th, and if I happen to find myself awake at 2am on the 30th I will join you - you can be the first people to wish me happy birthday :slight_smile:

@Kirsten I have added you to the calendar invite - you can see who else is already on, and add others that may have been missed :wink:

@Kirsten apart from the calendar invite and posts on slack and discourse I haven’t contacted anyone directly so yes please send an email to anyone we might have missed. Thanks. And I hope we aren’t the first people to wish you happy birthday - I am sure Charlie will do that early enough as it is:slight_smile:

Thanks for that info. Still hard to find concrete numbers and involvement for those organizations who may want to provide hosting for the long term. Good to know that 400 is maybe the cap?

In Canada we use digital ocean - usually under $30 Canadian per month - but of course that is just hosting - no people costs in that. You need to think ahead to have someone who can solve glitches (happen from time to time), push through upgrades… Might be an idea to see if the AUS team would be able to set up a contract with whoever hosts in the US initially for a year of those services? @Kirsten ?? Then there are some clear budget figures to use when discussing with potential umbrella organizations who might take this on. In Canada, we registered a new not-for-profit because we couldn’t find an existing food sovereignty related organizatino who wanted to do this - so thats an option too. We can talk more about what to expect re: time and money investment on the call if you like.

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Here is a shared doc that we can use to explore hosting options. It also has a draft intro about OFN. Please all make any changes/updates it needs

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Big thanks to Cynthia for setting up the OFN USA zoom today and for making the recording of the call and the copy of all the useful links and suggestions that everyone put up - links to both are in the agenda here

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Yes, great to talk to you all today - even though my phone was overheating and kept kicking me off!
I look forward to seeing the template for the grant proposals you had mentioned today. And I am happy to utilize my time working on OFN stuff as it is the slow season for me. I can work on inputting my list of organizations to appeal to for hosting support into a google doc for you all to look at. I am so excited. Lets not lose momentum- if there is a better way to be in touch with each other just let me know otherwise lets keep this conversation moving.

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Agree, today’s talk was a good start :slight_smile: Let’s keep the ball rolling.
Here is the link to the global funding chart with tabs for regional specific solutions. Feel free to add to it.
As mentioned in the call, we have quite a strong set of resources available to build funding applications based on past and current ones, so there is no need to start from scratch :wink:

@KatTheFarmer I increased the number of enterprises that you are able to create on the USA instance, so you will be able to play with more functionality and see how enterprises can connect via hubs

If you need any help, ping me on slack… I am usually not far away :wink:

If anyone wants to be a manager of the OFN UK demo hub, please signup here and then put a note up here to ask me to give you manager access

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I’m sorry I had to miss the call yesterday - misbehaving pigs were the cause as they are almost always. Looking forward to participating more in the discussions about OFN USA; I’ve got a hub of farmers that are very excited about the possibilities!

Please forgive my ignorance on this question; I haven’t had time to closely examine OFN’s licensing and deployment model.

Is OFN looking to stand up a ‘national’ instance for the USA? My cursory understanding was that independent hubs (or collectives of farmers and suppliers) would be able to deploy standalone instances; making OFN distributed and decentralized, and allowing individual collectives to customize the software to their needs.

Perhaps I misunderstood?