Upgrade AngularJS 1.5 to Angular 7.0

How does this direction sit with the discussion in A new admin interface for OFN re. Vuetify etc - is there an elegant table solution that sits nicely with React?

All good, react also has plenty of UI frameworks and libraries that we can leverage!

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:slight_smile: I am trying to push this forward by proposing possible decisions but we still need to hear from @Matt-Yorkley and @kristinalim

So that would need to be a relatively discrete component / page that could then sit inside the app but be built totally different? Should it be front-end or admin side? just for my brain to be rolling around with it

yes, that’s what I proposed. I wonder what other devs think, I dont think it matters if it’s frontoffice or backoffice.

I’d really like to get opinions from devs from outside that have experience with these frameworks!

Or with the improvement of the homepage and /shops page, ie discoverability.

My dev input:

  • I know AngularJS fairly well now, but I’m not a fan of it
  • I don’t have any real experience with the others, but it might be nice to learn one of them
  • I’m not sure what the ease/value matrix would look like for these options
  • I reckon React would bring the boys to the yard like Kelis’ Milkshake