Rethinking Toggl projects to get better insights

I still think there might be cases where we need to track separately, but open to making a proposal if/when that arises and discussing it then

NB. I track my time, loosely but still do it, even when it is in the range of ‘not really paid or maybe paid for some bits etc’ primarily because work / life balance is a big challenge for me. I have a ‘goal’ number of hours ‘working’, mostly at computer, and am working towards being more effective with this time (20ish hours) and not letting it creep too much

I also see there might the need to not only categorize the time tracking entries by area (devops, testing, etc.) but also by feature/project as well. Given that we use Toggl’s projects for the former the only way I see is through tags @Kirsten. And if we have this need from from time to time, it makes sense as a tag as it’s something that doesn’t standout as much as the project.