Product circle - November 9th 2022

The main topic of the meeting was the next priority for the product team. Here is a summary attempt.

November :

  • Support performance s2 by creating issues on what David finds after testing on staging UK (Rachel), creating issues around what @lin_d_hop found from the reports update from May (if devs thinks it-s a good lead - Lynne) + create an issue to improve filtering on the BOM page (Rachel)

  • Get a scope of small reports improvement for Mohamed to tackle as first issues (Lynne)

  • Create small design issues from the work Melissa did: the idea is to include this in the release of BackOffice UI Uplift (Rachel)

  • Split checkout redesign needs to starts (Rachel)

  • Ideally, Lynne & Rachel have done a brainstorming session to re-incept History of invoice changes / invoice numbering. Perhaps this is easier to work on for Mohamed rather than Tax reports.


Goals are the following (we will see how to assign them) :

  • Split checkout should be ready ot roll-out in January.

  • Tax Reports should be kicked-off

  • Ideally back office UI uplift is close to be rolled-out

  • We need to set meetings to set the next steps for Network Phase 2 (Kirsten is needed) and Vounchers and credits

  • When Maikel is back, we need to set another API meeting to understand next steps.

Does this fits your notes @lin_d_hop ?

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Thanks @Rachel and @lynne - here are some things that I would have added last night had it not been for my painful disconnectedness

  • Split checkout - @jessicazahra will be focusing on this from Weds 23rd Nov, her attention shifting then primarily to OFN related things
  • After Split Checkout, @jessicazahra will be looking at the vouchers / discounts stuff as part of our locally funded Food Justice project (as discussed at last meeting). As part of this she will be interviewing @lin_d_hop to obtain UK user input / needs. Would you also like her to interview you @Rachel to get French input? I am not sure if / when another meeting would be best to make sure that we are aligning / coordinating here i.e. that the work she is doing is adding value for global even though driven by Aus. ping @RonellaG. Also noting that we are currently hoping / aiming for scope of work to both include whatever design is needed for ‘quick win’ type changes (for which we have some funding to go into pipe) but also to get to some ‘beautiful / inspiring’ visual designs that might be used to garner more interest / funding i.e. pay us to build this
  • Next steps for Network 2.0 sounds VERY exciting. Are we thinking this is this year? I am wondering because if next year there is perhaps a possibility that we could be in same room? if you are both coming to Aus in Feb (??)
  • API next steps - I can’t comment on the technical bit - but I do need to do an API roadmap that draws on the user survey we did as part of our report on this current funding. So I am going to do a draft of this which I will share and then we can see if there is anything we can see / commit to or if still too unknown
  • Given the reports thing agreed last night, I have had a bit of a switch in strategy here in Aus today and identified a number of places where small changes to reports can cause significant reductions in workaround-ness and mean that we are simplifying a range of excellent future integrations i.e. mean reduced time/effort going into custom scripts and actually just getting what we need from reports. It is quite exciting to feel a space open in which we can actually get some changes! The proposed changes are small. I will post on #reports on Slack and then take your direction re. whether they are new, need wishlists and/or papercuts. NB. @lin_d_hop @div-yansh-1 has also been keeping track of things he finds / notices around potential improvments and I suggested he discuss with you directly as you’re on top of what is already in there and what is not
  • I have a couple of other suggested quite small changes for another project that we did (already vetted / sense-checked by @maikel ) but unfortunately the client only agreed yesterday that this would be a viable path for them so no time for Maikel to estimate how big they actually are (all funded i.e. we will only do what their funding covers). I will do a separate discourse post around this, just heads up that it’s coming

Sounds like lots of exciting things for product - thanks to you all for your energy and vision on this. I’ve already commented in the #reports channel echoing the usefulness of the small changes @Kirsten has suggested. We are also super excited that Network 2.0 is kicking off soon - OFN CAN is very keen to assist in any way we can with this. Thanks all!!!

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I don’t think it’s a good move to wait for February. Network part 2 is partially feature funded. It would be better to have started by then so we can discover everything that we have missed and iterate.

Some update as November is over:

For December: proposal to refine a bit the goals:

  • Split checkout should be ready

  • @lin_d_hop mentioned work on product API could be fast. So maybe Tax reports can be kicked-off with Maikel?

  • Backend admin with new colors is ready to ship

  • History of invoice changes is kicked-off

  • Design of vouncher / discounts is kicked-off with Jess. @lin_d_hop would you be up to lead this part? I propose this as you will be almost in the same time zone as Jess. I’m happy to add French input as well in a meeting if you think this is needed.

  • I think it’s going to be tough for product uplift to be ready in December as well. Moved to January. as probably meetings on Network.