Producer Dashboard

When an enterprise user first logs in to their admin they are presented with a Dashboard of easy to click options. However these options are static and not necessarily correlated with what an enterprise user might actually want to do… let’s overhaul!

Thought Provoking Questions:

  1. As a producer, what is the most common thing I want to do?
  2. As a hub what do I need to do most?
  3. What should differ for hubs/producers?
  4. Do I want flexibility to set up my own dashboard? How would I want to do this?

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  1. Checking orders, adding products
  2. Perhaps having an ‘add shortcut to dashboard’ button on pages. Maybe users could enter the name of the shortcut themselves. Also might be nice if we could move the shortcuts around on the dashboard screen, drag and drop.

Also might be nice to have a ‘Current Order Cycle Stats’ that shows if the user has an active order cycle. Something like:

  • Orders Received:
  • Total Value:
  • Avg value:
  • Highest value order:
    … just a thought.

I rarely use dashboards in any software. In OFN the menu bar works perfectly well for me and because I used all the different parts all the time, I’d be hard pushed to say which I’d want on the dashboard. But you suggestion about displaying a summary of current (and previous?) order cycle performance is something I would certainly look at.

Thanks for kicking this off Lynne. Just off the top of my head one of the main issues for some of the new UK users is editing stock levels, prices, etc. The ‘expand all’ button on bulk edit products sometimes only expands the top 2 or 3 products and when you click the edit symbol on the right of the product list the edit product screen you get to is not easy to use and does not save stock changes.
More thought on this later…

…another thought - can we make it a lot easier to enter a long list of products - many of which would have lots of similarities… Maybe options to set up defaults such as always fruit and veg, always on demand, always kg, etc
There are more thoughts on what hubs and producers needs in this digital strategy/UX process that Jack started for us here

Another thought…
It would be good for the dashboard to display different options based on current order cycles. Perhaps some organisational bits and pieces so the software is as helpful as possible.

Example for a producer selling through Stroudco and Tamar

Your Order Cycles:
StroudCo - Orders to be delivered by Saturday 10am - Click to view your orders
Tamar - Orders close in 2 days - Click to view current orders

I’m sure there are lots of ideas along these lines to be fleshed out…

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I like your suggestion @lin_d_hop about some form of reminder of the orders to close, deliver, etc. for producers (maybe not hubs?) And also the OC summary (that works for any hubs, producer or not)
Maybe also, as a producer, I would be happy to see in live, for the current OC I participate to, the products I sell and what are the quantity in stock and sold, so that, for example, I can offer a discount if salads doesn’t sell so well and I might have to through them away i I don’t sell… so I could adjust my products prices on the fly.

@Sara Would you comment on this please as you have added this to the UK priority list. Thanks!

As a producer I want to do everything in one place - add or amend a product, add or remove it from an order cycle, change a price individually or in bulk.

At the moment there are too many clicks, different screens and places where you can make changes which do or don’t work e.g. when you go to edit a product not all the fields work i.e. master price

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