There are a wide range of problems associated with invoices generated by OFN and they have been discussed many times- both here and in github issues.
I wondered if it would be good to have a thread where we can list all the problems in one place.

As food hubs grow and prosper on OFN the more sustainable the platform becomes. We want to keep large food hubs engaged with OFN rather than moving onto different software platforms when they reach a critical size. One of the main limitations of our software at the moment, in terms of what the large users need, is legal and compliant invoicing.

In some respects, since the current invoices generated by OFN are not legal and hence require hubs to do extra work to amend them appropriately, is there an argument for removing the invoice option from Reports/Orders and instead improving guides to integrate OFN with outside accounting software (such as Xero or Quick Books)?

Issues which need to be resolved:

  1. Tracing amendments to orders
    Trace order amendments through invoice lines and generate legally compliant invoices

  2. VAT/tax documentation on invoices relates to TAX on enterprise fees which are flat percent rate
    Also for flat rate (per order) enterprise fees no VAT is documented on the invoice.
    VAT rounding on invoices

Thoughts? Please add further problems if you are aware of them.

Hi @lbwright22 thank you so much for this! I wonder if we can merge it with Trace order amendments through invoice lines and generate legally compliant invoices

Yes please! It would be good to have everything which is ‘wrong’ with invoices in one place so that wholesale changes can be made.
Are you able to merge the two threads here? I’m not sure how to
Thanks @Rachel

I concur that invoices need work. I’m not sure about removing orders all together though for 2 reasons:

  1. it seems to me that we are a long way from an easy, seamless, free way for a user to export their orders into an accounting platform, and today many of our users do not use accounting platforms at all … so OFN orders management is all they have.
  2. even for those enterprises who are working with accounting packages, they often still manage orders in OFN - ie: removing items that were not available, adding in last minute purchases, issuing credits… so we need a solid orders management process in OFN for this.
    Maybe the invoicing piece by itself can be done in external accounting software?