Global website overhaul

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OK, so I’m back online and ready to sort this all out.

I’m planning a chat with @maikel either today or early next week to talk about approach and then I’ll be kicking off this piece of work.

Ping @pxi @Jen @tschumilas FYI


One final update today before I pack up and start my weekend:

I’ll be FaceTiming with Yuko next week to catch up on all her news next week, will raise the question of when she could fit in doing the design work then. She coming back to Melbourne for a visit towards the end of the month, so it might be that we properly brief her then and also organise a call with @pxi and anyone else who’s going to be involved in defining and building the solution to talk through the approach and plan it all.

Righto, signing off. Hello weekend :smile:


glad to hear all this - and sorry if I seemed ‘pushy’ to get this done. I’m just starting to implement an outreach program in Ontario and having a website that is ‘broader than’ just the platform is an essential part. Winter here - so I have more time to put to this now too. Just let me know what you need from me.


Hi all, got an update for you on this:

Yuko has agreed to take on the design work, which is similar to something she did a couple of years ago with another organisation:

  1. She’s going to review this thread plus the document that @tschumilas put together for Canada and have a chat with @Jen about the global site.

  2. She’s then going to cut through the chaff, so to speak, and help us to review those needs so that we get right down to the nub of it all, and remove some of the potential kitchen sink items that are just going to bite us in the bum later on down the path (like the current global site does).

  3. Then she’s going to determine the list of stuff we need, which of those fit within a theme and she can sort out for us, and which bits are more requiring of a widget that will need dev involvement.

  4. Then she’ll find a theme we can use as the foundation to build on, and she’ll modify it to fit our needs.

  5. Then she’ll work with @pxi (if you’re still keen :slightly_smiling_face:) to get the widgety bits built.

  6. Then they’ll hand it over to us for implementation and use in Canada and for global.

@tschumilas and @jen the two of you will be Yuko’s key stakeholders for decision making and clarification through this process. And we will also make sure that others can see the work as it unfolds so that they can offer any advice or thoughts as we work through this as quickly as possible.

Finally, Yuko will let us know timing once she kicks off part 1 of this journey.

Stay tuned peeps, more to come as Yuko onboards herself :tada:


Hello, I’m going to be short on spare time in March, but I can still muster a days work per week. Count me in for those widgety bits! :muscle:


Hi all, an update:

Yuko has all the information she needs (dot point #1 above) and will be getting back in touch as she starts cutting through the chaff (dot point #2), determining a list of stuff (dot point #3), and coming back with a proposal on amount of time required and when she feels she can have the work done by.

She will be providing an update on all this by the middle of next week NYC time.

</end of update>


Oh Goddess bless!! I’m so grateful this is starting. :hugs: