Bulk import of products

@RohanM thanks very much for offering to help with planning and design. I will ask @Aidan to give you an update and send you the latest version of the code. Thanks both for your work on this

We also need to plan for importing Tamar Valley data from the old Stroudco software into OFN - I will ask @Sara to give us an idea of how many products and users she has

A rough estimate 60-70 producers, must be 5-600 products, 350 customers,

@nick, @Aidan: Any update on this?

I’m on half term holiday at the moment. Will repost the repo soon as I’m back on the 2nd Nov. The repo was taken down because of customer data - will need to remove any customer details from the XML outputs.

Repo for data migration tool is now at https://github.com/aidandunsdon/stroudco-data-migration

I have just talked this through with Aidan. He is happy to help do a final migrate of data from DFFH and Stroudco into OFN using this tool (big thanks Aidan) but for the time being he does not have any time to do any more development work on this tool to get it ready to migrate data from any other legacy systems into OFN.

What would be the final migration involve? Wasnt the last migration going to cover the bulk of the product list and other stuff be done manually?

there are about 10 new producers who have joined Stroudco since Aidan did the migrate in July. I guess this is about 80-120 new products. It would be great if we didn’t have to enter them all (although we will still need to do the photos and unit/values manually)

We have decided to input all of our producers manually! Big job but it gives us a chance to have a tidy up. We’d love to import our customers though?..

@aidan has offered to repeat the migration process he did for us in July - i still need to iron out the detail with him but it looks like Stroudco doesn’t need any more development work on a generic migration tool.

We were just having a discussion of this in US OFN, cc-ing @MikeiLL!

Hi All,

My first post on behalf of Stroudco. In addition to initial data migration, I would also really like to be able to upload bulk data on a regular basis. This would allow me to upload an entire catalogue from a supplier in cases where prices change every 3 months or so. In order to give this context, what I’m thinking of is offering our members the possibility to order anything from the entire catalogue of a regional wholesaler of organic products and to have this all delivered and sorted as part of the normal food hub activity. OFN’s flexible order cycle settings would be ideal to cater for the different order deadline. The simplest way initially, it would seem, is for the user to simply order the columns in the xls or csv file in such a way that it works for OFN and to populate all required fields accordingly.

All the best

Yes! We need this as well with at least one of the potential OFN-US Pilot projects. I imagine that it wouldn’t be a terribly large endeavor to adapt Aiden’s code to accept csv or xls files and compose some cohesive documentation on the process.

Then eventually the web interface for assigning columns could be added.

Hi @MikeiLL
I’d like to start specing this and potentially working on it. I think the UK could part fund this development. Can any US groups contribute given that this is functionality you need?

@lin_d_hop We are hoping to meet next week. I will share the suggestion with @eric, @Angie-US and the rest of our group and report back. Is @pmackay still involved with the UK group? He would be a good resource, of course.

It looks like we are close to getting things moving along with US staging server again here and will be looking into migration soon. Is this still something the UK is interested in collaborating on?

hi people - we’re having some discussion about doing this, so I’m going to clean this up a bit by closing this thread and moving into more of a ‘specification’ . .

@Kirsten I know this discussion is closed but can you tell me where is the spec you are talking about? We have some users that realllly need the bulk import of products from a csv file, they are trying to get some developers to help on that. Thanks!

Maybe this one @MyriamBoure?

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