Allow hubs to charge fees to producers


It is my understanding that this icebox item has been resolved. It related to a specific hub need and that hub has worked out another way to do it - would you agree @tschumilas @CLFC? If so, we can close it.

OR do you think there is something here that you would still want done / integrated into OFN code . . and if so could you describe what that it? I suspect it would be going into a new wishlist item . .


Yes it is resolved outside OFN. I see the following process:

  • If the need is clearly defined here, move it to Icebox->Approved. If it’s a rare enough case it will never get enough votes in product curation and will just stay there.
  • If the need has to be refined move it to Icebox->Draft
  • If we evaluate that no one ever will have this need inside OFN, close the topic. Maybe have another category “Archive” or something in Icebox. It’s nice to see what needs we rejected in the past.
  • No need to move back to Wishlist


Yes, while it would make things much better for our accounting if this could all be calculated and tracked within OFN, I believe the solution I have built will satisfy our specific needs. On a global scale, it will simply not get voted up, since we seem to be the only co-op out there using this model.

I like @sigmundpetersen 's idea of an ‘archive’ category. In the event that someone else somewhere should have a similar request, they would at least be able to see what was discussed and done previously, and if a solution was found outside OFN, they would have the option to contact the person involved to ask questions on how they can resolve it for their instance as well.


Great, thanks all :smile:

I’m going to close and archive this icebox item and it can be found and revisited if needed later on.