Add supplier name into default invoice template

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hmmm @maikel has just asked me about the two invoice templates thing - I am obviously out of a loop as I had missed / forgotten that there were two! why are there two? Is there any reason why it wouldn’t go on both - I would assume that it should go on both as for whatever reason people are using one or the other we would still want them to be able to use to pack . . @MyriamBoure @tschumilas



I just opened a pull request where I put the name on both invoice templates.

There is a clue in the super-admin option to activate the newer template:

Use the alternative invoice model that includes total tax breakdown per rate and tax rate info per item (not yet suitable for countries displaying prices excluding tax)

So I think the solution here would require some inception:

  • Is there one view that would suit both cases?
  • If not, how do we deal with multiple countries which could have different tax settings?


so as I understand it - in super admi config - an instance decides to either include taxes in the shopfront price for each item (as Aus does I think) or add the tax - at checkout (As Can does). The tax settings (ie the tax categories and the tax rates the super sets up) are applied to the products the same way - its just that in option a - they are applied and shown in the shop. In option b - they show at checkout.
The issue with the invoice is that - IDEALLY - with option B (when taxes are calculated a checkout) they should show for each taxable item, and then a new item total with tax. BUT right now - the taxes show as a lump sum on the invoice. Its not a big deal. There are few taxable products. We just put an * on the product, and then a note on the invoice that says * means taxable. For now - and to keep this issue XS - I don’t think we have to change the way the tax is show - do we? Can we just add the supplier name to the templates that currently exist? (One day, we’ll have to embrace tax stuff - but that day is not today :wink:)



OMG - I just realized I could have said that all more clearly - and maybe you @maikel know this. So the separation of taxes on an invoice, at present, only works if price is included in shopfront price (as in Aus). If taxes are not included in shopfront price (as in Can) the invoice calculates the tax - but does not calculate it per taxable item on the invoice. Is that it? So - I don’t know why that is - but if its easy - why don’t we fix it now too? if its not easy - lets ignore it at this point.



hey @tschumilas - I am not clear why all or any of the above affects showing the Supplier name? Both invoices include a list of the Products ordered, so both would just have the Supplier name added under each product name? We don’t need to change anything with taxes at the moment, that would be out of scope for what this issue is



All the tax stuff is actually off topic here. We should solve that somewhere else. It was just good to understand why there are two different invoice templates that I needed to put the supplier name on. That is already in review and can get tested soon.



Agreed - the tax stuff is off topic here - I got us sidetracked. Sorry.



AND we are SOOOOO happy here in Canada that its done!!!